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Bad Real Estate Photos: 7 photobombs that didn’t help sell the house

Bad MLS photos   professional image man staring at phone in room

Taking photos when listing your home for sale is a really smart move. But that doesn’t mean that every photo should be included. Photos with people, action shots, artistic shots, even accidental shots should really be omitted if you’re serious about selling your home.  Take a look at these seven examples of bad MLS photos, to see why photobomb photos are a bad idea.

1. Backyard waterfall included

Bad MLS photos: backyard waterfall

Is that a natural-fed waterfall from a sewer drain? I can’t tell because I’m too focused on why there’s a man in his bathing suit taking a backyard shower. No matter the reason, there’s just no good reason to include this as part of the listing photos when selling your home.

2. Is that you grandma?

Bad MLS photos: grandma's house

Nobody wants to disturb grandma, but it might be wise to consider stepping into another room while MLS listing photos are taken. A back-of-the-head shot just leaves this photo feeling creepy and will probably prompt more than a few buyers to walk away.

3. Something missing?

Bad MLS photos   bedframe
Source: Terriblerealestateagentphotos

Staging is often about illusion, but there’s no mistaking this picture, the bed really is missing! But almost camouflaged in the left-hand side is a potential buyer? We’re not quite sure, but, either way, it’s highly inappropriate.

4. Where’s the beef?

Bad MLS photos: kitchen visitor
Source: Terriblerealestateagentphotos

Is this fellow coming in for a quick snack? An empty fridge, the wallpaper and this man just popping his head in all create a less than desirable image of this house.

5. My grandma’s view

Bad MLS photos: grandma's view

Even if the homeowner doesn’t want to vacate their home during the photo-shoot, it’s still a good idea to ask them to step out of the picture.

6. Naptime is over

Bad MLS photos: naptime is over

Kids are cute, but they won’t sell a home, particularly if they end up photobombing a perfectly good photo.

7. Go towards the light!

Bad MLS photos:towards the light
Source: Terriblerealestateagentphotos

How artistic. But creative, avante-garde and artistic shots are not what sells a home. Listing photos aren’t a place to showcase your portfolio, so skip the creative displays and snap a few shots of the home’s best features.

People are awesome and artistic interpretation has its place, but neither one belongs on the MLS. Next time you go to sell a property, consider avoiding the ultimate photobomb in your listing photos.

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