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8 decor ideas to make your bathroom look lux

As the most used room in a house, a bathroom also ranks among the most expensive renovation project that a homeowner can undertake. Thankfully there are bathroom decor ideas to update your bathroom without breaking into your savings.

Here are eight bathroom decor ideas that can help make your bathroom look expensive — but without spending a fortune. 

#1: Use green (plants) don’t spend green (money)

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When it comes to interior design, plants offer incredible versatility. They make ideal accessories in any room of the home, easily lending a luxurious look to any room. 

Most importantly, they are typically inexpensive and can be easily relocated to any spot within a room for maximum impact. Place a few smaller plants on shelves, or hang some greenery from the ceiling in a lovely basket or planter. Select a variety of small and large pots to strategically fill the empty visual spaces in your bathroom, or to soften up the edges of doors and windows. The best plants in a bathroom are varieties that like a warm, moist environment, such as tropicals.

#2: Select stylish containers

When choosing bathroom accessories such as shampoo containers, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, etc., stick to stylish and classy options. You can find beautiful glass and metal containers and dispensers that won’t break the bank, yet will give your bathroom a fabulous, high-end look. 

Not only handy as accessories for storage, well-placed containers also populate the bare spaces in your bathroom. Wooden (or wood-like) containers, ideal for holding Q-tips and other small items, look warm and inviting. Line up a few glass or clear containers on a decorative shelf where they’re sure to catch the light. Filled with perfume or colourful liquids, these will work wonders as a unique yet practical focal point. 

#3: Opt for metallic or brass-accented items

The metallic accent, trendy in the ’70s and the ’80s, is enjoying resurgence today, thanks to its luxurious aesthetic and cost-effective price. Metallic taps and bathroom items will surely give your bathroom a bold and stunning look, yet they can also be highly affordable. 

Metallic is easy to clean and maintain, yet it adds instant depth and high contrast to your surroundings. Invest in pieces like these with confidence as they are not likely to go out of style again any time soon. Mix and match a variety of finishes and metallic accents for effortless style and long-lasting visual appeal that only looks expensive! 

#4: Select a trendy or unique mirror as a focal point

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When selecting a mirror for your bathroom, look for options that are unique, artistic, and that match or amplify your bathroom theme. The right mirror can instantly elevate the overall look of the bathroom while giving the illusion of more light and space. 

The correct size is another important factor for selecting the best possible mirror for the space. For example, if your bathroom is small or medium in size, a big, dramatic mirror can be perfect for making a bold statement. In a larger bathroom, grouping several smaller mirrors together makes for an eye-catching display that boosts the beauty of the whole room.

#5: Add art to the walls

The right kind of art can be an inexpensive yet attractive vehicle for making the most of your walls. Again, choosing the right size is paramount for achieving an elegant, cohesive appearance. Well-placed art pieces boost the overall attractiveness of your bathroom and work to fill in those empty visual spaces that can otherwise make it appear unfinished. 

As a symbol of both creativity and sophistication, art lends a fancy and luxurious air to almost any room. If you happen to create your own art of any sort, the bathroom can be the perfect place to display it and enjoy the sense of peace and pride it brings as you go about your daily ablutions. 

#6: Use beautiful curtains

Instead of cold and industrial sliding doors, opt for an eye-pleasing curtain for the shower. Add matching curtains to the windows of your bathroom for coordinating charm. 

When choosing curtains, don’t limit yourself to so-called “bathroom” curtains. Look also at fabrics and styles intended for the living or bedroom to open up the design possibilities. Richer fabrics and styles can work to boost the sense of luxury and enhance the bathroom’s overall beauty. Floor-length or extra-long curtains can inject an air of drama and make a low ceiling appear taller. 

#7: Use bright lighting

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Carefully chosen bathroom lighting is essential, both in terms of practicality and style. Although brighter may be better for illuminating daily bathroom activities, it’s also nice to have a warmer, low-light option to set the mood for that relaxing tub soak or pampering facial mask. Use carefully directed beams of light to illuminate those metallic features or art pieces you’ve chosen so carefully and to amplify the rich, high end look you are looking to achieve. 

#8: Pay attention to minor fixes

Fixing tiny flaws contributes to a well-maintained, visually pleasing space. When it comes to bathroom upkeep and maintenance, every problem has a definite and straightforward solution that can usually be solved with some DIY effort or, as a last resort, by enlisting professional help. 

Although small holes or wall irregularities are easy enough to patch yourself, for any plumbing-related issues, it’s best to rely on expert advice to avoid making things worse! For example, a professional plumber knows that the same type of leak sealer used to plug up a hot tub leak can also be utilized to repair your bathtub.   

We hope you have found some value in these eight tips for making your bathroom look more expensive and luxurious. Incorporate these bathroom decor ideas alone, or combine them with your own unique ideas to boost your enjoyment of your bathroom even more.

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