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Bad Real Estate Photos: 7 strange home decor photos

Bad Real Estate Photos: 7 strange home decor photos

Real estate agents are often asked to present the less-than-desirable in the best possible light. The result of this effort can be strange home decor photos—photos where furniture seems out of place or the subject matter of the photograph just doesn’t seem right. Here are seven examples of misplaced, mismatched and ill-fitting furniture and odd decor choices that were used to stage a home for sale. We are positive that the final result of these MLS listing photos was a simple: No deal!

1. Dressing up the basement

Bad MLS photos: table for two in the basement
Source: Ugly-Home-Decor

Clearly, this tiny table and chairs look very out of place in a basement. Very, very out of place.

2. Artistic shot of a wheelchair

Bad MLS photos: wheelchair

Not sure what the listing agent was thinking when he or she uploaded this photo of a wheelchair in front of an old, wooden window.

3. Oversized kitchen island

Bad MLS photos: old people in photo

While this family may have enjoyed the eat-in comfort of this kitchen island, the listing photo makes the island appear to be too large for the room. Of course, it doesn’t help that the homeowners opted to pose for the photo.

4. Now, where’s Rudolph?

Odd furniture in bad MLS photos shows a wall lined with deer heads.

Looks like Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen are all here, but where’s Rudolph? There’s nothing wrong with a hobby, but when it comes time to sell you might want to deer-personalize.

5. Pretty as a peacock?

Bad MLS photos: bed and peacock wallpaper

That’s one tight-fitting bed space. The peacock-inspired wallpaper certainly doesn’t help.

6. The perfect view

Bad MLS photos: chairs in bedroom

It appears this homeowner didn’t quite know where to put those extra chairs. The result is a bedside view that makes the room look cramped and leaving would-be buyers uneasy.

7. Cosy reading nook

Bad MLS photos: small couch

While it’s always a good idea to list a house with furniture—as this helps prospective buyers imagine the space—this use of a tiny couch and table gives the impression of a not-so-impressive living room space.

Remember, the fastest way to sell your house is to post flattering photographs of your home, using furniture and features that fit the room’s use.

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