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11 best bench ads that prove advertising works

11 great bench ads that prove advertising works

Bench ads are an opportunity for a lot of people to see your name. But it’s not enough to slap your name and logo onto the bench. These days you’ve got to be memorable. The best bench ads are the clever or creative ads—the ones that prompt us to a double-take. Here are 11 of the best bench ads that prove advertising really works.

1. One can only dream of hitting the slopes


Picture yourself on a beautiful ski trip. Ok, now picture yourself on a beautiful ski trip! Back in 2013, this bench ad was placed into subway stations to help passengers remember the joy of hitting the slopes.

2. Make yourself at home


IKEA does a bus stop makeover in this bench ad, using its Swedish architectural splendour to show that even the smallest, most plain urban space can be made beautiful with a little effort.

3. Get closer

Creative Guerrilla Marketing

People see to get acquainted far quicker with this bench from Becherovka, a Czech liquor, as the bench literally forces people to move inwards and get comfortable with body proximity real quick.

4. Just an obstacle


This ad for BMX Rider magazine gives props to those who can see the adventure in any obstacle. The advert is the bike lane that is painted on either side of a bench that sits right in the middle of this newly created bike path. Go around or over, that’s your choice!

5. Peak-a-boo


Norwegian airlines raised some eyebrows with their “New Destinations” campaign. The advertisement prompted people to lift the kilt to expose some great travel deals for those courageous and curious customers.

6. Everyone is a graffiti artist

Citadel Miami

What would you do if you came across a bus stop that actually promoted graffiti? Through Bluetooth, passengers and passersby can “spray” graffiti onto the lit wall to create their own personal works of art. How cool is that?

7. Break this glass. I dare you

Bored Panda

Break the 3M security glass and keep the cash. What an advertisement! Turns out 3M is so confident in their product that they built a bus ad to entice people to try and break their security glass. While the stacked cash is only about $500 USD (real money stacked on fake bills), it was still an eye-catching bench ad. (But to make sure people didn’t wreak havoc, 3M also paid to post a security guard at the shelter.)

8. World Cup score!


A local TV station’s coverage of the 2006 World Cup was a smash hit with this advertisement that spanned multiple bus stops and put the action right in the face of passengers, fans and viewers.

9. Homelessness awareness

Design Oak

This amazingly effective bench ad was created for a noble cause. The Arrels Foundation, a Spanish non-profit that focuses on homelessness, helps park patrons and passersby appreciate that a bench can be a place to rest or a home.

 10. Gimme a break

Design Oak

The Kit Kat bench. For anyone that’s treated themselves to a Kit Kat chocolate bar, you can see why a bench ad is so appropriate for advertising this chocolate and wafer treat. This bench ad tempts people to take a break while taking a delicious break.

11. MacBook Air swing

Creative Guerilla Marketing

The MacBook Air is so light, it’s almost weightless. A couple of creative folks decided to play this up with a bus stop bench that was replaced with a swing. Passengers could swing—as light as a feather—while waiting for the right bus.

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