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Where to Buy a Townhouse in Richmond in 2019 – Full Ranking

Townhomes in Richmond, B.C. offer buyers a chance to get the best of a house — yard space, more living space, a street-level entrance — but without the price point found on single-family homes, or the required maintenance
Housing Market Report - Greater Vancouver - Townhouse 2019 - Full Ranking

Lower Mainland buyers have a love-hate relationship with Richmond, B.C.

The city offers great access to Vancouver’s international airport, the SkyTrain and a direct route to downtown Vancouver. But it’s one of the hottest locations for mega-mansion builds and land-parcel sales. Plus, over half of the population in Richmond is a first-generation immigrant. (Quite often people from mainland China come and set-up a home base in this city, due, in part, to the previously established Chinese immigrants, but also because the stores and surrounding amenities now cater to this large demographic.)

But not everyone who wants to buy in this city can afford (or wants to buy) a single-family home. That’s when a townhouse offers a good option. Rather than live in a tower of condos, a townhouse offers a more affordable option into this market along with many of the benefits of a house (yard space, more living space, a door that exits to the street, etc.).

To see where each neighbourhood in the Richmond, B.C. falls in our ranking, check out the full list below.

You can narrow down your townhome search by using the search function to display neighbourhoods only within a certain area (city) or district (larger municipality area).

RANKDISTRICTAREANEIGHBOURHOOD2018 Avg. price% price differential vs. Area% price differential vs. DistrictVALUE SCORE% 1-Year Appreciation% 5-Year AppreciationMOMENTUM SCORE WALKTRANSITAVERAGE REALTOR SCOREFINAL SCOREOverall Rank
1Real Estate Board of GVRichmondBrighouse$796,028.0094.4%96.5%129.5%49.229%69%49.1249.1788.00747.6577.1763.1740
2Real Estate Board of GVRichmondRiverdale RI$936,333.00111.1%113.5%152.3%30.1819%111%84.5857.3832477.9668.3362.8645
3Real Estate Board of GVRichmondBridgeport RI$951,088.00112.8%115.3%154.7%28.2713%225%93.0960.6863.00427.1364.6162.6446
4Real Estate Board of GVRichmondGranville$863,027.00102.4%104.7%140.4%39.287%77%60.0549.6688.00757.1773.9961.8351
5Real Estate Board of GVRichmondSteveston North$675,643.0080.1%81.9%109.9%66.62-14%74%35.9651.2958.00547.7370.7161.0059
6Real Estate Board of GVRichmondWestwind$972,688.00115.4%118.0%158.2%25.9930%106%89.8557.9228.00437.1861.6459.7867
7Real Estate Board of GVRichmondMcNair$691,183.0082.0%83.8%112.4%64.5610%54%46.5855.5727.00447.3663.0159.2971
8Real Estate Board of GVRichmondBoyd Park$552,000.0065.5%66.9%89.8%78.410%33%20.8949.6548.00487.5367.0858.3680
9Real Estate Board of GVRichmondQuilchena RI$688,333.0081.7%83.5%112.0%65.206%47%34.8550.0245387.0961.7355.88103
10Real Estate Board of GVRichmondBrighouse South$801,569.0095.1%97.2%130.4%48.222%58%33.9041.0694.00776.3869.4355.24108
11Real Estate Board of GVRichmondWoodwards$1,101,884.00130.7%133.6%179.3%16.907%131%81.9149.4153.00466.5060.0354.72113
12Real Estate Board of GVRichmondHamilton RI$697,588.0082.8%84.6%113.5%63.009%78%60.9461.977.00-6.5746.6754.32115
13Real Estate Board of GVRichmondSteveston Village$763,700.0090.6%92.6%124.2%53.84-9%61%27.6840.7658547.2767.4954.12118
14Real Estate Board of GVRichmondSeafair$931,516.00110.5%113.0%151.5%31.463%74%49.1940.3356.00447.1764.6252.47134
15Real Estate Board of GVRichmondSaunders$750,480.0089.0%91.0%122.1%56.25-6%56%24.0440.1441.00277.6763.1751.66142
16Real Estate Board of GVRichmondGarden City$968,136.00114.8%117.4%157.5%26.5611%75%58.5642.5654506.1058.1250.34154
17Real Estate Board of GVRichmondEast Cambie$787,647.0093.4%95.5%128.1%50.509%71%53.9452.2211.00-6.7148.1050.16156
18Real Estate Board of GVRichmondMcLennan North$925,872.00109.8%112.3%150.6%32.532%66%39.0835.8060.00536.7763.9749.88162
19Real Estate Board of GVRichmondWest Cambie$935,901.00111.0%113.5%152.3%30.758%85%61.7946.2748.00545.3452.9949.63164
20Real Estate Board of GVRichmondIronwood$590,663.0070.1%71.6%96.1%75.43-9%43%19.0247.2210.00-7.2551.7549.49165
21Real Estate Board of GVRichmondTerra Nova$1,053,054.00124.9%127.7%171.3%19.748%61%42.2130.9860.00377.7767.7749.37166
22Real Estate Board of GVRichmondBroadmoor$841,578.0099.8%102.1%136.9%42.97-4%39%18.7930.8860.00447.5167.3949.14169
23Real Estate Board of GVRichmondSouth Arm$724,250.0085.9%87.8%117.8%59.02-3%32%20.7739.8918.00456.2754.7147.30181
24Real Estate Board of GVRichmondSteveston South$943,802.00112.0%114.5%153.5%29.336%63%41.4835.4129456.6958.7647.08182
25Real Estate Board of GVRichmondLackner$934,256.00110.8%113.3%152.0%31.11-2%62%33.5232.3143.00466.5859.5545.93188
26Real Estate Board of GVRichmondEast Richmond$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%--100%N/A1.700.8566.00446.6762.0731.46261
27Real Estate Board of GVRichmondGilmore$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--40.00396.9360.3030.15277
28Real Estate Board of GVRichmondMcLennan$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%--100%-100%4.732.3733106.5050.8026.58316
29Real Estate Board of GVRichmondSea Island$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--2.00-5.8841.3320.66344

5 Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Townhouse in Richmond in 2019

  1. Brighouse, Richmond – $796,028
  2. Riverdale, Richmond – $936,33
  3. Bridgeport, Richmond – $951,088
  4. Granville, Richmond – $863,027
  5. Steveston North, Richmond – $675,643

Where to buy a townhouse in Richmond, BC in 2019

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