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Top 10 swanky hostels in the world

Bang for your hostel buck? How about some ba-baaam for your hostel buck!
Top 10 swanky hostels in the world
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If you’re not travelling and staying in a hostel as swanky as this, you’re just not doing it right. While the term hostel is often used to describe a cheap, dorm-like setting with shared space just about everywhere, some hostels go above and beyond. Here are 10 examples of swanky hostels that break out of the mold and offer great value for your money, along with an exceptional stay.

1. Wombat City Hostel, Vienna, Italy

wombats-city-hostel, Top 10 swanky hostels in the world
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Forget that image of a cramped, windowless hole of a place because Wombat City Hostel in Vienna throws all of these stereotypes out the window (get it?). The hostel boasts an incredibly streamlined modern design with each room providing plenty of daylight through large windows. The dorm rooms are clean and simple in that minimalist, modern way, and the communal space is open and inviting.

2. El Independente Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal

the-independente-hostel, Top 10 swanky hostels in the world
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This hostel is on the grounds of a former Swiss Ambassador’s residence, (a.k.a professional luxurious person), so you know it’s gonna have some swank. Vintage pieces mix with modern fanciness to make you feel like a sensible urban lumberjack.

3. U Hostel, Madrid

vinilo-frase, Top 10 swanky hostels in the world
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Situated in a Spanish palace in the middle of Madrid, this hostel is the one where we get to throw out all the stereotypes of hostel travel. Each room boasts a white plus one bold colour palette, which offers clean continuity and a splash of whimsy and cheer throughout the hostel. Each room appears large, airy and bright, while the common areas feel more like a large condo or modern restaurant.

4. The Loft, Paris, France

theloft, Top 10 swanky hostels in the world
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The Loft is quite possibly the shiniest and stylish hostel on this lux-list. The Loft Hostel Tres Design first opened its doors in May 2012. It’s located at the bottom of the famous Parc de Belleville and offers a touch of that French style and class to all its guests. Each room is decorated with simple but elegant bunk beds and bistro tables, with a solid accent colour to accent the semi-industrial look. Look out for the cowhide wall tiles as you enter this place—they help to set the tone of a funky, fun and stylish place to chill while travelling.

5. Violeta Boutique, Barcelona, Spain

violeta, Top 10 swanky hostels in the world
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Violeta Boutique

Barcelona has been unofficially crowned the king of stylish hostels, and Violeta Boutique is in the running for the poshest of them. They are all about the vintage details, the stylish mixture of loud chairs and delicate curtains gets them a 10 out of 10. Not to mention the cute little balconies looking over the bustling Barcelona city streets.

6. Dream Hostel, Tampere, Finland

Top 10 swanky hostels in the world, Finland The Dream hostel
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Hostelling International Finland

Trying to pull off the name “Dream Hostel” creates some lofty expectations, but this hostel does it. With high, modern ceilings and large common areas, this hostel offers clean, Scandinavian style at a decent price.

7. Ostello Bello, Milan, Italy

ostello, Milan, Italy Top 10 swanky hostels in the world
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Luca Volpi

Apparently, Milan can’t stop being Milan, even for cheaper accommodation, like a hostel. At Ostello Bello, they want to make sure you never forget just where you are, and that is the capital of style in the modern world. Common rooms have more of a casual bistro feel and the hostel works hard to provide a casual atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing (It even boasts more than 1.5 million kisses shared between its walls!)

8. Gilligan’s Backpacker’s Hotel, Cairns, Australia

gilligans, Australia - Top 10 swanky hostels in the world
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Simon Tunbridge

Party over HERE! Why go out for the night when you can stay in? Gillian’s has it’s very own in-house nightclub. Get down to the music poolside at this swanky hostel which has some of the best reviews in Australia.

9. The Backpack and Africa Travel Center, Cape Town, South Africa

Top 10 swanky hostels in the world, Cape Town, South Africa
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With awards for Best Atmosphere across the board, The Backpack and Africa Travel Centre came dressed to the nines to the hostel party and people noticed. There’s also a bar, a restaurant, and plenty of community-centred events in the hostel to keep you entertained and interested within these four swanky walls.

10. Eco Resort Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand

chiangmai, Top 10 swanky hostels in the world
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Esme Vos

That’s right people, this is indeed a hostel. Get prepared to feel a whole lot of unworthiness. The swanky hostel, of course, has all the normal luxuries, but on top of what you’d expect there is also a crystal clear pool, a movie theatre, gym, and library and you can even take cooking classes. In a nutshell, this place is pretty awesome.

Amy Billingsley
Amy Billingsley

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