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Bad Real Estate Photos: Strange and unusual home decor pictures

What if the tacky or the kitsch took up residence in your abode?
strange and unusual home decor photos. Bad real estate photos.

If you’re looking to sell or buy a home it’s always a good idea to declutter and de-personalize. But what if your personal taste is beyond a few nick-nacks of questionable quality? Rooms plastered with animal photos, life-size statues, flower wallpaper used as camouflage and over-the-top period furniture are all decor options that most of us would consider strange and unusual and lend your home a ‘this-is-where-kitsch-goes-to-die’ feel.  Consider these seven examples of bizarre and unusual home decor photos that can certainly turn heads even if they scare off potential buyers.

The perfect room for clowning around

(Source: Huffington Post)

Would it bother you to sip a bit of tea in a room full of clowns? Apparently, these Branford, Ontario homeowners really love clowns—and, as a result, the owner decorated most of her home with clown dolls and decorations.

An explosion of colour

(Source: The Sun, Ireland)

Even with all her outrageous publicity stunts, we’re not quite sure Marilyn Monroe would truly feel at home in this colourful home. Still, the Irish homeowners wanted to pay their respect to their favourite blond bombshell—and did so in true outrageous style!

A room fit for kings and queens


Who doesn’t want to live like a king or queen? These homeowners certainly embraced the decor of King Louis XIV and the Palace of Versailles.

Copper cabinets?

(Source: Uglyhousephotos)

Perhaps wood was in short-supply when these copper kitchen cabinets were built. Still, even the Olympics Committee would give these copper cabinets 3rd place, at best.

Let’s play a game. Find the toilet


While it’s rare to see roses used as a camouflage, this homeowner certainly accomplished this feat. Rose tile is used to hide the bathroom sink and toilet, prompting patrons to play find-the-loo.

Everyone loves kitty-cats, right?


If you’re a committed cat-person, you may want to keep the decor. The homeowners used dozens and dozens and dozens of cat photos to create her own custom wallpaper.

What are you looking at?


Would you find it disturbing to eat a meal under the watchful gaze of a giraffe? Apparently, this homeowner didn’t, which is why the large giraffe statue stands solemnly in the corner of this tiny dining room.

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Vera Gruessner

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