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5 small home designs sure to inspire you

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Tiny homes are now ultra-stylish and chic-cozy. While these structures normally cover less than 300-square feet (although some builders are willing to go up to 500-square feet), what is compromised in space isn’t compromised in style and finish. Here are six inspiring small home designs that are sure to prompt you to let go of goods and downsize to small-space living.

No. 1 Small Home Design: The Elm by Tumbleweed Houses

This country style small home design is known as The Elm and was created by the innovative small home company Tumblewood. The quaint mobile home has a fully functional front porch where the owner can relax and enjoy the view and there are lots of windows to ensure that the interior is bright and light. When you walk inside you will see beautiful wooden walls that make the home seem even cosier, as well as a well-equipped kitchen and a fairly large loft bedroom.

The home is also a fully functional and certified recreational vehicle, with standard RV hookups for both water and electricity. It is currently on the market for $62,950 USD.

No. 2 Small Home Design: The Cypress from Tumbleweed Houses

The next small home design is also from Tumbleweed Houses and is known as The Cypress. This tiny home has large sweeping bay windows and a cute corner porch that lends it a cozy country cottage feel. The home can sleep up to four people in two different bedroom spaces, making it ideal for a small family or a couple. As with all Tumbleweed homes, The Cypress comes equipped with standard RV hookups and you can customize the interior to meet your personal needs and style. It is currently on the market for $62,950 USD.

No. 3 Small Home Design: The Craftsman Home


The Craftsman is a beautiful small home designed with a sizable porch and a quaint cottage style metal roof. The traditional home has authentic pine wood walls and large windows to allow lots of light inside, and it is based on the actual tiny home of a renowned tiny home builder based in London, ON.

The house offers 144-square feet of living space and is built on a dual axle trailer foundation that measures 18-feet long and 8-feet wide. To help it withstand Canada’s extreme weather, this tiny home has two-pounds of closed cell spray foam insulation sprayed inside the walls and the interior boasts a live-edge wood counter as well as a sizeable shower and kitchen. There is a sleeping loft built for two as well a sleeping loft over the porch (which can double as extra storage).

You can buy the plans for this particular home for just $50 CDN. Other plans and customized plans are also available from this tiny home designer. Just make sure you talk to a custom-home builder for a more precise estimate of your actual build costs.

No. 4 Small Home Design: Tiny House Construction Company

This Claremont, Ontario-based tiny home builder is the brain child of a three-person team: Vic, Greg and Pete. After building award winning traditional homes, these three opted to launch a small home building company because of their strong passion and belief in the tiny house movement.

The company currently has three models available for sale (although, they are open to custom projects, as well). Each model is slightly larger than the next, allowing you to scale up or down based on your needs. All three models are offered based on Packages that range from a basic tiny home built on a trailer with little to no interior finishing to a fully-customizable interior complete with bunkie addition and drop-in place service.

Prices start at $10,500 CDN and can go as high as $66,000 CDN.

No. 5 Small Home Design: The Alpha Tiny Home by New Frontier Homes

The Alpha Tiny home is perhaps the most luxurious home on this list—and it only covers 200-square feet! This tiny home from New Frontier Homes is a small home design built using glass doors and windows in the middle making the modern interior spacious and bright. There are also lots of useful features in the house, including a giant kitchen sink with a view, a large fridge and even a dishwasher. There is a sliding glass door with a pop out deck, a custom made dining table and a full sized Jacuzzi tub. Of course, this type of tiny home luxury can’t be kept under wraps which is why the home was featured on HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living.”

Unlike other tiny homes, the New Frontier Tiny homes are not RVIA certified.

“We believe Tiny Houses should be allowed as permanent dwellings. RVIA certification does not help make this possible.”

This ultra-modern and super-luxurious tiny house is currently on the market although prices vary based on finishes.

There are lots of inspiring small home designs in North American, from ultra-modern luxury retreats to more conventional tiny homes to off-grid options. Whatever you are looking for, there is definitely the perfect tiny home out there for you! For more information on where to find a tiny home builder, contact Tinyhomealliance.ca.

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