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Gift List 2017: 16 perfect gifts for new homeowners

On a budget? Not to worry, there are plenty of great gifts any new homeowner would truly appreciate this holiday season

What happens when the people you care about find a forever home? You help prepare them for home ownership with great gifts as a new homeowner!

Check out our handy gift guide to find perfect gifts for new homeowners on your holiday list this 207 holiday season.

1. An organic garden ($3+):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - West Coast Seeds - organic, non-GMO

Who doesn’t dream of growing their own food? If that new homeowner on your list has a green thumb (or dreams of a green thumb) consider the gift of organic seeds. While there are a variety of places to purchase seeds, one great option is through West Coast Seeds. This B.C.-based company offers organic, non-GMO seeds for vegetables, herbs, indoor growing and flowers. Better still, you can personally select the type of plant and quantity, with prices ranging from $3 and up for a packet of about 100 seeds.

2. Concealed bookshelf ($13):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - concealed bookshelf

Give the gift of space with the Concealed Shelf from Uncommon Goods. This powder-coated steel shelf that virtually disappears when loaded with books! This clever book storage system comes in two sizes: Regular, which holds up to 15 pounds and large, which holds up to 20 pounds.

3. Gift of smart spending ($30):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - Consumer Report subscription

We all know things break when you become a homeowner. The fridge conks out, the furnace is fried, the list is endless. To help that new homeowner make the best purchasing decisions consider a gift subscription to Consumer Reports.

4. Map of their favourite city, as a fancy coaster! ($35):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - map of the city drink coasters

New homes are all about people coming together, and what better way to celebrate that fact than by gifting them reminders of where they came, where they are, or where they’re going. The store I Kinda Like It Here offers a set of coasters that take popular destinations such as Toronto or Winnipeg or Helsinki and turns them into charming modern map-of-the-city coasters. Even if you never use them, this adds a refined, classy element to any coffee table.

5. Google Home Mini ($40+):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - google-home-mini

“Google, help me find the perfect holiday housewarming gift…” The Google Home is the latest addition to the tech giant’s suite of life-changing products, and it makes for the perfect gift for the new homeowner. It helps to set to-do lists, play music, tell the weather, and even knows a joke or two. This is the perfect way to help a new homeowner, with a to-do list as long as their arm, keep everything in order.

6. Home Depot Gift Card ($50):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - Home Depot gift card

Even if a home comes in pristine condition, it doesn’t hurt to stay prepared or to make it look even nicer with some improvements here or there. A gift card to your local big box store can help with minor improvements, major changes, or can even fund an upcoming spring garden – let the new homeowners choose their own adventure with this one.

7. Gutter rake ($59):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - GutterWhiz gutter cleaner

No, it’s not sexy and it won’t elicit the ooohs and aahhhs that some gifts might, but the GutterWhiz rain gutter cleaning tool is a gift that will actually help that new homeowner on your gift-giving list. This gutter cleaner eliminates the need for ladders when cleaning most gutters, although the separate extension pole may be required for very high gutters.

8. Gift of friendly visits ($100):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - espresso maker

Now that your friends own a home, they’re going to want to a spend a lot more mornings there instead of the local coffee shop. For that reason, you need to get them a good coffee or espresso maker. One of the better-rated models, according to Consumer Reports, is the DeLonghi EC155 manual espresso maker. Not only is it sleek and compact, it’s an excellent option for those who love fresh espresso, without a big price tag.

9. Gift of time and food ($120+):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - Instant Pot


Really want to give the gift that keeps on giving? Try the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 Multi-Use cooker. This programmable kitchen tool is a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a steamer, a rice cooker it even warms food, sterilizers containers and makes perfectly moist cakes or poached eggs. Better still, it frees up your new homeowner to try and tackle a few tasks around the house.

10. Brooklinen Sheet ($130+):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - sheets

The last thing that your friends should be doing is migrating their old sheets to their new home. That’s why you should be surprising them with a set of crisp Brooklinen sheets. Made in Canada, and oh so cozy, this might also be the wake-up call your friends need to upgrade from a queen-sized bed to a king (without having to buy them the mattress yourself).

11. The throwback look for the wine lover ($130):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - Antique-brass-wall-wine-storage

Wine has to be one of the most popular housewarming gifts around, which is where this gift shines (without falling into the same old cliches). Skip the bottle of pinot, and go with this handy antique brass wine rack, instead. It’s easy to install and is really a statement piece for just about any kitchen. It’s got style, it’s got charm, and it’s practical for those who love to entertain.

12. Smart Thermostat ($143+):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - smart thermostat

Help a new homeowner make their new digs just a bit smarter and a bit cozier by gifting them a smart thermostat! Not only will it look cool but it will help program their home to exactly the right temperature all of the time and help them save on heating and cooling bills. Honeywell’s Lyric starts at $143 and goes up, while Google’s Nest starts at $329 and goes up.

13. A fancy new entry rug ($230+):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - Kelim-entry-way-rug

An entry rug is an easy way to add a statement piece plus it can help with dirt, noise while providing a sense of welcoming and warmth to your guests. All that considered, try this chic Kelim piece from Montreal’s own VdeV housewares. It has a beautiful red colour, and also comes in black (for those concerned with dirt!).

14. Delivered to your door breakfast boxes ($240):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners -Oatbox-gifts-for-new-homeowners

One of the best parts of a new home is being able to spend time in it, and we all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Coming from Montreal, Oatbox is a carefully curated selection of granola to help make every morning shine. Gift your loved ones a subscription or a holiday gift pack of their own, and give them the gift of oats (to share) this holiday season.

15. Dyson Vacuum ($400+):
Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

New homeowners often skimp on the essentials, but we all know that a new home requires a new vacuum (for new memories and those untimely new messes). If you have particularly messy friends in your life, why not gift them the best of the best (without telling them as much)? Dyson vacuums are already top-notch, but the Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum is one of the best. And, as an added bonus, it’s even been “tested for life in Canada.”

16. More reasons to visit ($560):
16 perfect gifts for new homeowners - West Elm tiered bar cart

Want to give your friends an exquisite way to display their alcohol, trinkets, magazines, and more, but not clutter their new space? Consider the minimalist tiered bar cart from West Elm. No, it’s not the cheapest option on the gift list, but its sleek decision is sure to please just about every new homeowner.

These 16 gift ideas should get you an invite back to that new house sometime in the New Year!

Max Specht
Max Specht

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