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Gift List 2018: 10 perfect gifts for new homeowners

On a budget? Not to worry, there are plenty of great gifts any new homeowner would truly appreciate this holiday season

The perfect home is often the ultimate Christmas gift, but then comes the housewarming! What do you get for the people who have it all? Here’s a great place to start your search for an awesome gift to complement someone’s equally-as-awesome abode.

Here’s our trustworthy gift guide for new homeowners in 2018:

1. Smeg Toaster ($230)

The holidays are a time to spend on friends who might not otherwise splurge on something for themselves, and this toaster is a great example! Retro, funky, and perfect in just about any new home, if you know someone who’s in love with vintage vibes – this is the perfect gift for them.

2. Wine Carafe & Cheese Board ($120)

For any would-be entertainers, this wine carafe and cheese board combo is the perfect way to ring in the holidays. If you come equipped with a nice pinot noir, you can just as easily break it in during your gift-giving exchange. “Wine” not, right?


3. Ladder ($120)

They’re not just for climbing anymore! Ladders are all the rage in home decor these days, and they make for an attractive statement piece to hang throws, clothing or anything else that might catch someone’s eye. If you want to play interior designer for a day, this gift is perfect.

4. Aesop Hand Wash ($51)

If you can’t stand the smell of no-name eucalyptus soap, then get your friends a homecoming gift for the holidays that everyone can enjoy! This aromatic hand wash is like a statement piece all its own, suited for any washroom, that perfectly embodies the scents of the season (with a woody, earthy, smoky complexion).


5. Amazon Alexa ($130)

Who doesn’t want an assistant in their home? If you have a new homeowner in your life, an Amazon Echo is the perfect gift. Skipping over the smaller alternatives, this version of Alexa is powerful enough to run a whole home – with an awesome built-in speaker system that means never having to lug massive stereo speakers around ever again.


6. Into The Wood Diffuser Set ($115)

The best part about this diffuser is just how beautifully it can blend into any room! Compliments of Canadian-made Saje Wellness, this gift kit is perfect for winter. Featuring woodsy aromas, and an ultrasonic diffuser, this kit is an easy way to tell your friends that they need to re-scent their new place.


7. Phillips Air Fryer ($280)

Feel like your friends need one less thing to worry about? This Phillips Air Fryer is a great way to simplify everyday meals, and to make the holiday season a little bit less about sitting around a stove – and more about sharing good times with friends and family.


8. Bathroom Guestbook ($20)

The perfect housewarming gift is the one that you can bust out during the housewarming party! This Bathroom Guestbook is a cute way to have everyone leave their thoughts and best wishes right from the comfort of the best room in the house (since it’s the only one with a throne).


9. Canadian Tire Gift Card ($??)


Tires, check. Ladders, check. Leaf blowers, check. Not sure what your new homeowner is looking for this Christmas? A Canadian Tire gift card can ensure that they get exactly what they want, to make their homeownership dreams a reality.


10. Happy Home Gift Set ($55)

Whether they moved in a month, a week, or even a day ago, this Happy Home Gift Set is exactly for your friends need to break in their new abode. Featuring a sage stick and matches, this is an easy way for people to purify their new spaces (in a way that makes for an easy conversation piece and an aesthetic addition to any home).


The new homeowner in your life likely needs a lot of things, so why not make it easier for them this holiday season by getting them the perfect gift. After all, you never forget your first Christmas at your new home!

Max Specht
Max Specht

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