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4 things people from Regina need to explain

Do you just like wearing green or are Roughriders really life? Why is everything so far apart? It’s time to explain
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Located right In the heart of the prairies, Regina is a city on the rise. Locals love its charming feel and country vibe that young people are flocking to.

Whether you’re new to the city, looking for a Canadian adventure or live there yourself — here are four things the Regina locals won’t shy away from answering when asked.

1. It’s true! We are the capital of Saskatchewan

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A common misconception among visitors to the province is that the larger, neighbour city they call Saskatoon is the capital — but locals want you to know that Regina is the actual capital of Saskatchewan. One of the tell-tale signs to confirm this fact is the many government buildings located in downtown Regina. It’s a source of public pride, as proven by the gorgeous Provincial Legislative Building — which glows with shades of European grandeur.

Favourite activities around government buildings: Going for a run or walk around the Provincial Legislative Building is always a must when visiting Regina. The best part? It’s free.

2. The Roughriders are the most prominent game in town

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Blake Handley

When it comes to the Canadian Football League (CFL), the Saskatchewan Roughriders might have the most loyal fanbase spread across Canada. Home to the green and gold football team, Regina residents go big on game day. It’s hard not to come across people decked out in jerseys and wigs, hosting tailgates and cheering on the home team. Locals say if you’re in town to try and get tickets for a game — but just make sure you’re sporting the right colours and not the shade of the rivalled Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Favourite places to dine before and after the big game: For good eats, enjoyable atmospheres and close distance to the stadium, people love Press Box Sports Bar and Wild Sage Kitchen and Bar.

3. Everything is spread out — and we mean everything!

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Sarah Long

Having a car in Regina is not just a plus because it’s a must. A great deal of this city is spread out from corner to corner. Chalk it up to being in the prairies, getting around without a car is a bit of a tricky situation — because locals admit the public transit options aren’t that great. That being said, if you have the opportunity to look around, you’ll find lots of central neighbourhoods, such as Lakeview, Crescents or the art and culture of the Cathedral District. Enjoy exploring the city, but know that it can be a bit of a trek!

Favourite walking activities: Since it seems like walking is unavoidable while in Regina, why not try out the Wascana Valley Trails hike just half an hour out of the city?

4. Milky Way Ice Cream will change your life

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Brian Chow

If you’re from Regina, you’ll know that no one messes around when it comes to people’s favourite dessert — ice cream. Locals spend their summers hanging out and cooling off at the Milky Way Ice Cream shop. The famous dessert destination has been going strong for over 60 seasons and has no intention of slowing down. Put it on your must-have list next time you visit Regina, as locals will be inevitably disappointed if you don’t.

Favourite flavours at Milky Way: Forget favourites — Milky Way Ice Cream has a new taste of the day to be enjoyed each week. Try something new. After all, the locals would.

Hometown pride is essential for people from Regina as they support local businesses and cheer on their sports teams like their lives depend on it. If you get the chance to visit, you’ll see all of that and more. So, what are you waiting for? The ice cream is cold and the Roughriders season is right around the corner!

Max Specht
Max Specht

Nothing makes Max Specht happier than telling people where to go and what to do—and not in an authoritative sense. He prides himself on being a tour guide par excellence and has the recommendations to prove it.