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Origin of 7 city names in the USA

Just in time for President's Day, here are the stories behind 7 of America's most inspiring cities, including: Kissimmee, Portland, San Diego and Austin
Origin of city names. Boston, Massachusetts, USA skyline at the public garden.
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Just like people, cities grow and evolve. And, just like people, cities have names, nicknames, stories and history.

Quite often, the very name of a city reflects a powerful tradition, a fond memory or an important story — so powerful, fond or important that the history lives on through the city’s name.

While most of us are usually quite familiar with the name of many famous U.S. cities, the stories behind these names are quite often lost.

To help rekindle the romance (for all things historical) here is a rundown of seven of the most famous cities in the United States and how these cities got their names. Just in time for President’s Day.


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Romana King
Romana King

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