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Moving checklist: The ultimate plan

Packing tape, boxes, moving trucks, oh my!
Moving checklist.
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Whether you’re moving across the country, across the city or across the street, the logistics of packing can cause mass amounts of stress. While it’s exciting to think about starting your new adventure, the first thing to think about is what you need to do before moving day actually arrives. That’s why we created the ultimate moving checklist to better help you prepare. 

Our ultimate moving checklist is broken down into a timeline that offers a step-by-step checklist on what to do and when as well as tips to help you stay organized before, during and after your move. 

2 months before your moving date

Moving checklist: The ultimate plan 2 months before your moving date
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  • Organize and collect all of your important documents

It’s truly amazing how many pieces of paper we can collect that contain seriously important information. Take a day or two to gather together all of your documents (medical, dental, school), and all copies of legal or financial papers.

Once you have all of the records needed, place them into a file folder or binder to keep things organized. The last step is to start making calls and filling out paperwork to transfer all of these documents to your new home.

  • Start to research and get quotes for the movers

Get ahead of the game by finding your dream moving company before things start to get hectic. Start by researching online, and asking friends for their best recommendations.

Once you have an idea of the companies you like, match these with your budget to determine the best moving company to fit your needs. Call them and schedule your move date to ensure that they are available during the time needed.

6 to 8 weeks before your moving date

Moving checklist: The ultimate plan. 6 to 8 weeks before your moving date
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  • Take inventory and declutter

Room by room, go through the house to gain a rough idea of how much packing supplies you will need. You can also take this time to measure big-ticket items to determine whether they’ll fit in the new place, and to get rid of belongings you’ll no longer need.

  • Organize utilities and appliances

Have you moved your utilities to the new place for the move-in-date? Don’t forget to set up both Internet and cable, and to order any new appliances or hire someone to set up old appliances as the day approaches.

  • Make travel arrangements and prep for packing

How are you and your family planning to get to your new home? As part of the moving checklist, start to think about scheduling these travel arrangements now. It’s also a good time to start purchasing moving supplies now. You can always purchase more, later if necessary.

4 weeks before your moving date

Moving checklist: The ultimate plan. 4 weeks before your moving date.
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  • Develop a tracking sheet of things left to pack and do

Are there banks that still need to be notified of your change of address? Are there rooms in the house that need to be packed before others? Keeping a tracking list of all items, where they will be packed, and what tasks are left to be checked off can help the move go smoothly.

  • Pack items you won’t need until you get to your new home

Now is the time to start packing fragile items such as TVs and holiday decorations. It is also important to remember to keep all hardware for items that were taken apart and packed in a safe place. Lost screws, mounts, and hammers make for a difficult move in.

1 to 2 weeks before your moving date

Moving checklist: The ultimate plan. 1 to 2 weeks before your moving date
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  • Finish packing the entire house

It’s time to start packing all of the items you use daily. Keep them accessible until the official move out alongside your valuables, but ensure that they have a place to be once the day arrives.

  • Run last minute errands and confirm all bookings

Now is the time to do some light cleaning, grab any last minute packing supplies, and call all of your movers, shakers and packers that will be helping things flow on the big day. Onto the final stage of this moving checklist!

Moving day!

Moving checklist: The ultimate plan. Moving day!
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It’s finally here! Today is the day that you can sit back and let your movers do the heavy lifting. Just remember the following:

  • Clear a path from room to room
  • Do one final walk through once everything is loaded into the truck
  • Do one final sweep of your house
  • Tip your movers – they did work hard after all!

1 to 3 weeks after the move

Moving checklist: The ultimate plan. 1 to 3 weeks after moving day
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You did it – you’ve successfully moved into your new house. During the first few weeks, make sure to:

  • Change all exterior locks
  • Clean and inspect your new space
  • Unpack essential rooms
  • Get settled
  • Congratulate yourself!

Use this guide and follow the moving checklist and you will seriously eliminate a tonne of stress. Oh, one last tip: Enjoy the little things that make this move so memorable. A last-minute glance at a former home helps bring back memories you will always cherish.

Jennifer Finney
Jennifer Finney

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