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5 ways to maximize reward points this holiday season

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and if you want to ramp up your reward point balances consider these 5 strategies courtesy of Rewards Canada
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The busy holiday shopping season officially kicked off on November 23 what is now ubiquitously known as Black Friday. For millions of Canadians who collect loyalty reward points, the holiday shopping season is an opportunity to pad their reward point balances.

To maximize your reward points this holiday season, Patrick Sojke, from Rewards Canada, offers five strategies. In short, they are:

  1. Swipe from Home: Online portals are a boon to reward collectors. Be sure to check out the largest and most popular, such as
  2. Double and Triple Your Points: This is when you use a credit card that accumulates points as well as a loyalty card at the same time to get double (and sometimes triple!) the points.
  3. Power of Gift Cards: Buy your gift cards at retailers that give you points to maximize your gift-giving return.
  4. Grocery Store Bonuses: Look for extra points offered by your local grocer through the holiday season.
  5. Carry the Card: Whenever you go out make sure you carry your loyalty cards. To make it easier install a loyalty card app on your smartphone.

To better understand how these five strategies help you accumulate points this holiday season, here are the strategies:

#1: Swipe from Home:

Many of the leading loyalty program operators have online shopping portals that allow members to earn points for purchases made through their network of online retail partners. For example, Air Miles runs their portal and gives their collectors access to more than 180 retailers. Their Black Friday promotion promises shoppers bonus earning of 10x the miles on most purchases until November 22nd. A number of major airlines and hotels also run virtual shopping malls. A complete list can be found here

#2: Double and Triple Dip

Perhaps one of the most popular loyalty program earning tips is the art of double and triple dipping on purchases. The concept is simple. Say you’re buying one of those funky Kuradori kitchen tools from Home Hardware as a gift. Using your TD Aeroplan Visa or American Express and then swiping your Aeroplan card ensures you are double dipping. To triple dip, follow the same steps but add any bonus offers.

#3: Unlock the Gift of Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent option, particularly when buying for teachers, caregivers or work colleagues. To maximize your earning potential, buy your gift cards at credit card multiplier locations rather than directly through the retailer. For example, buying your Best Buy gift card at Sobeys allows you to take advantage of grocery store credit card multiplier offers rather than the simple base offer you would earn buying directly from Best Buy.

#4: Eat Your Way to a Larger Point Balance

If you’re planning on hosting a holiday dinner make sure to check your local grocery flyer for bonus point offers. We still have fond memories of the Ghost of Christmas Past when, during the 2013 Holiday Season, Safeway offered 500 Bonus Air Miles on a $200 spend! While you may not always find these extraordinary deals, every extra point can certainly add up.

#5: Don’t Leave Home Without It

The simplest way to maximize your loyalty point earning potential this holiday season is to always swipe your loyalty program card and associated credit card, even on the smallest of purchases. If you’re not a fan of oversized wallets be sure to download your favourite loyalty program app on your smartphone and get in the habit of using it. Many of these apps also provide helpful tips and bonus offers based on your GPS location.

You can find these and other holiday shopping tips at Rewards Canada and if you’re a homeowner who wants to maximize their loyalty rewards this holiday season, check out how first-time home buyers can max out on credit card rewards programs.

Patrick Sojka
Patrick Sojka

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