Map: Guide to renting with pets across Canada

Surprised that your landlord asked you for a pet security deposit? Don't be. Rules change from province to province. To keep up to date, here's our handy reference map
Map: Guide to pets and renting-no-dogs-sign-beach-boardwalk-Canada

Would you be surprised if your landlord asked you for a pet security deposit? Or worse, denied you as a tenant because you had a dog or cat (or some other animal or reptile family member)? Renting with pets can be tough but understanding pet rental guidelines where you live is important.

In Canada, landlords have quite a bit of power when it comes to pets and rental units, but how much power depends on where the rental unit is located. That’s why it’s important to know the differences in pet rentals, landlord rules and pet policies from province to province across Canada.

For more on what landlords can do in each province, see our full story on renting with pets in Canada or check out our handy infographic below for a map of renting with pets across Canada. You’ll be able to find the differences in pet rentals across the country with details for each province listed below.

Map: guide-to-renting-with-pets-canada
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Alyssa Davies
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