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6 tips on how to decorate a small bedroom

Use these six small-bedroom decorating ideas for a lasting impression in even the tiniest room

Despite their diminutive size, small bedrooms can end up oozing charm and appeal. To make the most of your small bedroom decor, you need to create the right cosy snooze spot that will impress any guest. To do this, consider these six design and decor tricks.

No. 1: Let in the light

6 tips on how to decorate a small bedroom

You want to avoid making your small bedroom feel like a cave. While you can’t do much to expand the space at the very least you can take steps to make the room feel less claustrophobic. The easiest and best way to do this is to make the room as bright as possible. Natural light works wonders, so throw open the curtains and let the sunshine in. If the bedroom doesn’t have big windows, compensate by adding as much soft light as possible. Use lamps with light bulbs that have a warm, soft hue. This extra light will create a warm and welcoming feel to the cosy retreat.

No. 2: Keep colours light and bright

6 tips on how to decorate a small bedroom

Along with using natural and soft light to your advantage, you should also make sure the room is decorated using light, bright colours.

Rooms painted bold or dark colours tend to feel a lot more cramped when compared to rooms painted with white or very light colours. Can’t stand asylum white? Try painting the room a light beige or very pale blue, rose or grey.

If you still want a bit of contrast, consider using dark accents to add some depth and dimension to the room. Pick complementary and contrasting colours for the biggest impact.

No. 3: Remember your wall space

6 tips on how to decorate a small bedroom

When decorating a small bedroom, it’s important to be as space conscious—and that means maximizing wall space. When possible, mount lights to walls or build built-in shelves. By installing wall sconces, instead of table lamps, you eliminate clutter and this helps the room feel more spacious. Mounting lights isn’t the only way to save space. Add shelves and wall art for a touch of sophistication without taking up a lot of space.

No. 4: Magnify the light and space

6 tips on how to decorate a small bedroom

We know that light is integral to opening up the look and feel of a small bedroom. To maximize light consider magnifying it using mirrors. Hanging a mirror (or mirrors) in a small room will make it seem as if there’s twice as much space.

No. 5: Expose the floor and ceiling

6 tips on how to decorate a small bedroom

Part of the illusion of more space is making it seem like the room is bigger in all directions. There are a few real estate and design tricks you can use to pull off this illusion. Putting floor-to-ceiling bookcases will help draw the eye upwards. If you don’t have enough room to pull off bookcases, you can always put shelves near the ceiling, or you can use a wallpaper that imitates length, such as vines growing up the wall.

Other useful tricks include using striped rugs and accents to make the room seem longer and using furniture with exposed legs and supports to expose more floor space and make the room seem larger.

No. 6: Be bold

6 tips on how to decorate a small bedroom

Small bedrooms can be a great opportunity to show off some style and tiny bedrooms lend themselves to decor themes. For instance, if you’re decorating a small bedroom in a cottage, why not match the area and go for a nautical theme?

When decorating small bedrooms based on a theme remember to use light, complementary colours or keep the palette monochromatic—so you use different shades of the same colour.

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