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Where housing inventory is piling up in Greater Vancouver

Looking for micro-trends will help buyers snag a good deal now, rather than waiting and taking a chance that mortgage interest rates will rise. We examined where inventory was building up and cross-referenced that with Transit and Walk scores to find the best deals now
Building inventory in Greater Vancouver. View of Lions Gate Bridge

It’s almost the end of 2018 — the official year of real estate’s descent into a balanced state. Or not. Some markets appear to be weathering the storm produced by tightened mortgage regulations (aka: mortgage stress test), higher interest rates and more real estate taxes. Others, not so much.

Now, with the promise of even further rate increases going into 2019, we thought we’d examine the Greater Vancouver market to see if there were any areas where buyers may find a bit more reprieve. Surprise! There are loads of options.

For single-family detached homes, the choices are plentiful. About half of the lower mainland municipalities remain in a buyer’s market and even in market’s where a seller still has the upper hand, there are neighbourhoods that favour the buyer.

Those shopping for a condo or townhouse continue to run competition, with more than 50% of the neighbourhoods that report condo and townhouse sales still in a seller’s market.

Still, deals can be found. The key is to really understand the current, ongoing trends. Is the street, neighbourhood, community and municipality in a balanced market? Is the inventory for a particular property type starting to pile up? Looking for these micro-trends will help buyers snag a good deal now, rather than waiting and taking a chance that prices will decline, even as mortgage interest rates are sure to rise.

To help, we examined the more than 200 neighbourhoods in the Greater Vancouver Area to determine what were the best spots to buy single-family home or condos or townhouses. Here are the top 10 neighbourhoods for single-family homes and for condos and townhouses, based on the following (in order of criteria):

  • Months of inventory (the higher the number, the more inventory, and the greater chance sellers will have to adjust their price expectations in order to make a sale);
  • Whether or not the market favours the buyer. This is determined by the market absorption ratio — a calculation that determines what type of market a real estate market is in, based on historical sales activity. In Greater Vancouver, a ratio between 0% and 11% is a buyer’s market, a ratio between 12% and 19% is a balanced market and anything over 20% is a seller’s market;
  • Transit Scores, an independent score produced by Walkscore.com that measures how accessible the area and its amenities are to transit;
  • Walk Score, an independent score produced by Walkscore.com that measures how walkable an area is while factoring in green space.

If you want to rank the best neighbourhoods based on your own weighting of the criteria, check out our sortable chart below.

Top 10 Neighbourhoods to Buy a Single Family House in Greater Vancouver — Q4 2018

  1. Marpole, Vancouver West — This neighbourhood is on the brink of a price correction. There are now 59 months of inventory for single-family homes, which still hover in the list price range of $2.5 to $3-million. Those willing to wait and haggle may be able to snag a deal in this neighbourhood which has an excellent walk score of 72 and a more than good transit score of 66.
  2. Saunders, Richmond, BC — It would take more than three and half years for this neighbourhood to sell out of its current supply of single-family housing stock. This is good news for buyers and bad news for serious sellers who will need to drop their price if they want to complete a transaction. But sellers in this area are more than aware of the current market trends. Prices dropped more than 15% month-over-month (Aug 6 to Oct 1 vs. Sept 3 to Oct 29) and more than a third in the last quarter.
  3. Lackner, Richmond, BC — While prices haven’t dropped quite as much in Lackner as in Saunders (9.5% vs 15.2, month-to-month drop), the headwinds are the same: building inventory, slowing market. For buyers who like this part of Richmond, BC, this area is now well below May and February sales volumes, which were the lowest in years.
  4. Chartwell, West Vancouver —This where some of those iconic homes are located —the homes with the infinity pools, walls of windows and phenomenal ocean views. Which is why average home prices, in the last month, were $5.2-million for this area. Still, if you’ve got the money and want a West Vancouver address with a decent transit score this might be the right ‘hood to start shopping in, particularly given that homes are now sitting for 76, on average.
  5. Hastings East, Vancouver East — Prices have dropped 37% over the last three months and inventory continues to rise. Given the neighbourhood is still undergoing redevelopment it’s not surprising that prices have come way, way down in recent months — from a peak of just over $2-million (for all property types) in May 2018 to just over $550,000 at the end of October.
  6. Collingwood, Vancouver East — An exceptional transit score, of 91, makes this urban community a sought-after spot for those who want of in a and buy a family home. For those looking for a single-family home, this neighbourhood offers great access to downtown Vancouver, along with a great neighbourhood vibe. Better still, property now stays on the market for more than 30 days and sells for less than list (average selling to listing ratio is 98%), meaning buyers can spend more time finding the right house.
  7. Steveston North, Richmond — The average sold price dropped more than a million since this year’s peak in February. This is good news for buyers, but even with increased inventory (just over 2 years worth, as of October 31, 2018) buyers should be prepared to act quickly. Homes are staying on the market for only 25 days, compared to 43 days a year ago.
  8. West Cambie, Richmond — It appears single-family homes in this neighbourhood are sitting on the market for about 2 weeks longer than they did last year. This may give buyers a bit of breathing room to find the right house, which is a good think when you’re looking at an average list price of $1.4-million.
  9. Fort Langley, Langley — For those with a desire to live in the Lower Mainland, Fort Langley has long been a sought-after neighbourhood because of its quaint downtown commercial hub and the commitment to keep the community, walkable feel about the place. Now that prices have dropped by 30% over the last year and there’s more than two years of inventory, buyers should be able to find a deal.
  10. Queensborough, New Westminster — Homes are sitting on the market for over 40 days in this community which is only a 30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver, although transit users will probably have a much longer commute with a transit score below 50 for this neighbourhood. Still, if a home under $1-million located in a in a very walkable community is your goal, look at this New Westminster neighbourhood.

Top 10 Neighbourhoods to Buy a Condo or Townhouse in Greater Vancouver – Q4 2018

  1. Queensborough, New Westminster — It isn’t a surprise that condos and townhouses have been built in this community. Located between the Fraser River and Annacis Channel, this neighbourhood retains a community feel and offers exceptional walking options for residents. Since the 91A highway runs through top end of the community, car commuters have easy access to surrounding areas, including downtown Vancouver. Of course commute times can be harsh. Still, dropping prices (in the last month 15% for townhomes and 27% for condos) can be good incentive for buyers sticking to a budget.
  2. Central, Burnaby — The devil is in the details: A quarter of homes sold for under asking in the last 10 days (as of Nov. 3, 2018) and a quarter sold for over asking. Still, with almost 1.5 years of inventory, and prices that have fallen by almost 45%, buyers should be able to find the right property and not have to over-pay through a bidding war. The best value, right now, are condos, which have experienced big price corrections over the last year.
  3. Panorama Village, West Vancouver — Despite the fact that this neighbourhood has a low Walk Score (just 6, based on the fact that walkers really can’t access many amenities on foot), this West Vancouver neighbourhood offers a decent transit score and just under 1.5 years of inventory for sale.
  4. Pemberton, North Vancouver — We flagged this neighbourhood as a hot-spot to buy in the recent past and it looks like buyers paid attention. Prices are now up 30% in the last three months although still down from last year by 6.5%. Condos are driving the activity in this area.
  5. Saunders, Richmond — While there’s not as much condo inventory as single-family homes (16 months vs. 44 months),  condos shoppers will be glad to hear that this area in Richmond, BC, is also a good spot to shop for strata units.
  6. South Cambie, Vancouver West — Excellent Walk and Transit scores makes this a very sought after community — particularly given the accessibility of Queen Elizabeth Park and Hillcrest Aquatic Centre. There’s 15 months of inventory for townhomes and condos (as of Oct. 31, 2018), but Zolo’s real-time stats show that condos are driving most of the strata-activity at this point in time.
  7. Shaughnessy, Vancouver West — This area experienced an almost 50% drop in prices over the last year but that was driven mostly by the sale price of single-family homes finally coming down. Condos and townhomes appears to be holding their value but with 15 months of inventory and properties sitting on the market for over 40 days, means buyers may find room to negotiate.
  8. Canyon Springs, CoquitlamSold prices hit a low in October and we expect those prices to come up slightly before year-end. This is driven primarily by demand for townhomes in this community, which has a better than average transit score (a good thing, since some neighbourhoods in the Tri-Cities have appalling transit scores).
  9. Renfrew, Vancouver East — The bottom for this community appears to have been July 2018 and since then price have slowly climbed back up again but not for all property types. Prices for condos and townhomes are stagnant, while single-family house prices are declining. This may change, given that the are 13 months of inventory for strata units in this community.
  10. Central Park, Burnaby — While this neighbourhood isn’t phenomenal for committed walkers, it is great for transit users and with 13 months of inventory for strata-units it could offer buyers a chance to not overpay for their home.

Below are two searchable tables of all neighbourhoods that reported sales for either single-family homes or condos and townhomes in the last month. To sort based on your criteria, click the column header of the most important factor. For example, if you want a neighbourhood with an excellent Transit score, click on the Transit score column head and the table will sort based on the lowest or highest ranking Transit scores. You can also search for specific neighbourhoods or communities in specific municipalities.

Where to Buy Single Family Homes in Greater Vancouver - Year End 2018 Report

CityCommunityMarket Absorption Rate - %Walk ScoreTransit ScoreTIME: Months of Inventory
Vancouver West Marpole1.69%726659.00
West VancouverChartwell2.70%441
Vancouver East Hastings East3.33%696530.00
Surrey - White RockElgin Chantrell3.37%81529.67
Vancouver East Collingwood3.39%639129.50
RichmondSteveston North3.51%585428.50
RichmondW est Cam bie3.85%435426.00
LangleyFort Langley4.00%802625.00
New WestminsterQueensborough4.26%624612.00
RichmondSouth Arm4.35%144523.00
West VancouverLions Bay4.76%131021.00
West VancouverW estm ount5.00%94020.00
West VancouverCypress Park Estates5.00%53820.00
TsawwassenBeach Grove5.00%263620.00
BurnabyCentral 5.26%9088--
Vancouver West Kerrisdale5.26%957519.00
Vancouver West South Cambie5.26%777019.00
Surrey - White RockWhite Rock5.85%934517.10
Surrey - White RockGrandview5.88%252717.00
TsawwassenTsawwassen Central6.06%293816.50
Vancouver East Fraserview6.25%465716.00
North VancouverUpper Lonsdale6.52%634515.33
Vancouver West Southlands6.67%876515.00
RichmondW estwind6.67%254315.00
Vancouver West Shaughnessy6.76%666414.80
RichmondM cNair6.90%274414.50
Vancouver West South Granville6.98%988014.33
West VancouverBritish Properties6.98%233914.33
CoquitlamCanyon Springs7.14%5666--
Vancouver West Oakridge7.14%617114.00
BurnabyCentral Park7.69%9088--
Vancouver East Renfrew7.69%727913.00
SurreySullivan Station 7.79%523712.83
AbbotsfordCentral Abbotsford8.00%794712.50
RichmondW oodwards8.06%484612.40
RichmondEast Cam bie8.33%11012.00
Vancouver West Cambie8.51%798511.75
CoquitlamNew Horizons8.51%89773.00
SurreyWest Newton 8.54%263111.71
West VancouverAm bleside8.62%935411.60
New WestminsterDowntown8.99%9581--
BurnabyThe Crest9.09%6441--
Vancouver West University9.09%967911.00
Vancouver East Hastings9.09%696511.00
LadnerDelta M anor9.09%594911.00
North DeltaSunshine Hills Woods9.09%32711.00
TsawwassenPebble Hill9.68%223710.33
LangleyLangley City9.88%916110.13
North VancouverPem berton10.00%705610.00
RichmondBroadm oor10.00%604410.00
RichmondTerra Nova10.00%553610.00
BurnabyForest Hills10.00%18640.00
Vancouver East South Vancouver10.39%69719.63
West VancouverAltam ont10.53%28469.50
SurreyFleetwood Tynehead10.61%72569.43
North VancouverCanyon Heights10.64%23439.40
Vancouver West Mackenzie Heights10.71%58659.33
BurnabyEast Burnaby11.11%354812.00
RichmondM cLennan North11.11%60539.00
Surrey - White RockMorgan Creek11.11%69419.00
West VancouverCanterbury11.11%29419.00
BurnabySullivan Heights11.76%6582--
North VancouverForest Hills11.76%67418.50
RichmondGarden City12.00%54508.33
SurreyEast Newton12.04%28438.31
North VancouverCalverhall12.50%54578.00
SurreyRoyal Heights12.50%40478.00
LadnerLadner Elem entary12.50%55378.00
LangleyCampbell Valley12.50%1188.00
Vancouver West Dunbar12.62%87657.92
SurreyCedar Hills12.70%39487.88
SurreyPanorama Ridge12.82%16267.80
Vancouver East Killarney12.96%68627.71
Surrey - White RockSunnyside Park12.96%64507.71
RichmondSteveston South13.04%29457.67
Surrey - White RockCrescent Beach Ocean Park13.11%4137
Vancouver East Fraser13.46%91657.43
Vancouver East Renfrew Heights13.64%72797.33
West VancouverCaulfield13.64%60587.33
SurreyBolivar Heights13.75%71747.27
LangleyWilloughby Heights13.83%74517.23
Vancouver West Kitsilano14.29%91717.00
Vancouver West Arbutus14.29%70597.00
RichmondSteveston Village14.29%58547.00
West VancouverCypress14.29%9407.00
West VancouverW hytecliff14.29%2377.00
North DeltaScottsdale14.55%43366.88
Vancouver East Grandview14.75%86756.78
Vancouver East Knight15.09%65706.63
West VancouverDundarave15.15%76486.60
North VancouverLower Lonsdale15.38%91606.50
North VancouverPem berton Heights15.38%70566.50
Vancouver West Point Grey15.38%7183
Vancouver West Quilchena16.00%74606.25
CoquitlamNorth Coquitlam16.54%5646--
Port CoquitlamMary Hill16.67%3237--
SurreyBear Creek Green Timbers16.67%15436.00
West VancouverCedardale16.67%55396.00
North DeltaNordel16.67%34386.00
West VancouverW esthill16.67%4306.00
Port MoodyPort Moody Centre17.33%73559.00
CoquitlamWestwood Plateau17.65%303511.00
AbbotsfordAbbotsford West18.32%82495.46
BurnabyGovernment Road19.23%38726.67
Vancouver East Main19.23%69715.20
Port CoquitlamGlenwood19.51%63669.00
Port CoquitlamCitadel20.00%293718.00
BurnabyGreentree Village20.00%39567.00
BurnabyWillingdon Heights20.00%77776.67
North VancouverHorseshoe Bay20.00%52445.00
North VancouverGleneagles20.00%28415.00
SurreyQueen Mary Park20.00%30385.00
TsawwassenBoundary Beach20.00%9315.00
MissionMission West20.00%64175.00
LangleySalmon River20.00%005.00
Maple RidgeNorthwest20.00%004.50
New WestminsterQuay20.41%80--
North VancouverLynn Valley20.51%72464.88
AbbotsfordAbbotsford East20.73%24414.82
TsawwassenCliff Drive21.05%36394.75
BurnabyBrentwood Park21.10%5173--
BurnabySouth Slope 21.21%447114.00
Maple RidgeSilver Valley21.43%3275.83
Vancouver East Mount Pleasant VE21.43%88824.67
North VancouverHam ilton22.22%81554.50
North VancouverW est Bay22.22%4414.50
Vancouver East Victoria22.45%87614.45
North VancouverEdgem ont23.08%73484.33
North VancouverBlueridge23.08%10284.33
North DeltaAnnieville23.68%31394.22
Maple RidgeWest Central 23.73%93496.57
CoquitlamBurke Mountain24.32%295111.83
Maple RidgeThornhill25.00%934925.00
North VancouverSeymour25.00%43594.00
MissionLake Errock25.00%1104.00
North VancouverW oodlands-Sunshine Cascade25.00%004.00
Maple RidgeCottonwood25.64%30413.56
SurreyFraser Heights25.68%34333.89
SurreyKing George Corridor25.93%65513.86
Port MoodyNorth Shore26.32%50455.00
North VancouverCentral Lonsdale26.32%90583.80
LangleyWalnut Grove26.42%25143.79
New WestminsterFraserview27.27%1240--
New WestminsterGlenBrooke North27.27%79542.25
Maple RidgeAlbion28.00%16273.23
Pitt MeadowsMid Meadows28.00%1900.75
BurnabySimon Fraser University SFU28.13%5463--
Pitt MeadowsNorth Meadows28.57%4941--
CoquitlamCentral Coquitlam28.57%788212.13
North VancouverCapilano28.57%50453.50
Maple RidgeEast Central 28.87%93494.80
CoquitlamCoquitlam West29.76%927613.25
North VancouverDollarton30.77%56343.25
CoquitlamUpper Eagle Ridge33.33%6955--
BurnabyVancouver Heights33.33%566611.00
BurnabyCapital Hill33.33%56626.60
North VancouverPrincess Park33.33%24433.00
North VancouverNorthlands33.33%26403.00
LangleyOtter District33.33%23283.00
North VancouverFurry Creek33.33%703.00
North VancouverIndian River33.33%003.00
Port CoquitlamRiverwood34.48%51502.00
North VancouverBoulevard35.71%63502.80
BurnabyForest Glen37.14%35484.00
BurnabySimon Fraser Hills37.50%4275--
North VancouverW estlynn38.46%78482.60
BurnabyBurnaby Lake40.00%6405.00
Maple RidgeSouthwest40.00%93493.56
Pitt MeadowsCentral Meadows40.00%66533.00
New WestminsterUptown 40.24%9557--
Pitt MeadowsSouth Meadows42.86%15415.50
Port CoquitlamCentral Port Coquitlam43.42%73557.00
Port MoodyHeritage Woods50.00%6861--
North VancouverSea Island50.00%202.00
AbbotsfordSumas Prairie50.00%202.00
North VancouverNorgate57.14%79591.75
LadnerPort Guichon60.00%86381.67
Port MoodyCollege Park71.43%68614.50
Maple RidgeNorth 100.00%6252--
Port CoquitlamOxford Heights100.00%45427.00
North VancouverEast Richm ond100.00%66441.00
MissionStave Falls100.00%1001.00
CoquitlamCoquitlam East250.00%927614.50

Where to Buy Condos & Townhouses in Greater Vancouver - Year End 2018 Report

CityCommunityMarket Absorption Rate - %Walk ScoreTransit ScoreTIME: Months of Inventory
New WestminsterQueensborough4.26%444623.50
BurnabyCentral 5.26%908819.00
West VancouverPanorama Village5.88%63917.00
North VancouverPemberton6.06%705616.50
Vancouver West South Cambie6.67%777015.00
Vancouver West Shaughnessy6.67%666415.00
CoquitlamCanyon Springs7.14%566614.00
Vancouver East Renfrew7.69%639113.00
BurnabyCentral Park7.69%478613.00
Vancouver West Point Grey7.69%718313.00
CoquitlamNew Horizons8.51%847611.75
New WestminsterDowntown8.99%968111.13
BurnabyThe Crest9.09%595211.00
TsawwassenBeach Grove9.09%283611.00
RichmondW oodwards9.52%534610.50
BurnabyForest Hills10.00%186410.00
Vancouver West Mount Pleasant10.53%88829.50
Vancouver West Cambie10.94%79859.14
Vancouver West SW Marine11.11%55729.00
BurnabyEast Burnaby11.11%35489.00
Vancouver West University11.40%96798.77
BurnabySullivan Heights11.76%65828.50
West VancouverAm bleside12.20%93548.20
RichmondSteveston South12.20%29458.20
Vancouver East South Vancouver12.50%69718.00
RichmondBroadm oor12.50%60448.00
TsawwassenCliff Drive12.50%36398.00
RichmondTerra Nova13.33%60377.50
North VancouverLynn Valley13.64%72467.33
Vancouver West Oakridge14.29%61717.00
Vancouver DowntownYaletown14.85%961006.74
Vancouver DowntownCoal Harbour15.38%92956.50
Vancouver East Hastings East15.38%69656.50
West VancouverDundarave16.00%76486.25
North VancouverHam ilton16.13%81556.20
North VancouverCentral Lonsdale16.30%90586.13
CoquitlamNorth Coquitlam16.54%92766.05
RichmondSteveston Village16.67%58546.00
RichmondW est Cam bie16.67%48546.00
North VancouverW estlynn16.67%78486.00
West VancouverCedardale16.67%55396.00
Port CoquitlamMary Hill16.67%32376.00
Vancouver DowntownDowntown16.96%92885.89
RichmondM cLennan North17.02%60535.88
Port MoodyPort Moody Centre17.33%68615.77
Vancouver West Marpole17.39%72665.75
LadnerNeilsen Grove17.39%19255.75
West VancouverPark Royal17.65%87565.67
CoquitlamWestwood Plateau17.65%32455.67
Vancouver East Downtown VE18.18%92855.50
Vancouver East Killarney18.75%68625.33
BurnabyGovernment Road19.23%38725.20
Port CoquitlamGlenwood19.51%63665.13
BurnabyWillingdon Heights20.00%77775.00
Vancouver East Victoria20.00%87615.00
BurnabyGreentree Village20.00%39565.00
RichmondGarden City20.00%54505.00
North VancouverEdgem ont20.00%73485.00
Port CoquitlamCitadel20.00%29375.00
Maple RidgeNorthwest20.00%005.00
New WestminsterQuay20.41%804.90
Vancouver West Falsecreek20.69%78924.83
BurnabyBrentwood Park21.10%51734.74
BurnabySouth Slope 21.21%44714.71
Maple RidgeSilver Valley21.43%3274.67
Vancouver DowntownWestend21.56%981004.64
Vancouver West Kerrisdale22.22%63574.50
Maple RidgeWest Central 23.73%93494.21
Vancouver East Fraserview24.00%46574.17
Vancouver East Collingwood24.14%63914.14
North VancouverRoche Point24.24%30384.13
RichmondBrighouse South24.30%94774.12
CoquitlamBurke Mountain24.32%29514.11
RichmondSteveston North25.00%58544.00
Maple RidgeThornhill25.00%93494.00
West VancouverCypress Park Estates25.00%5384.00
RichmondEast Cam bie25.00%1104.00
Maple RidgeCottonwood25.64%30413.90
Port MoodyNorth Shore26.32%50453.80
New WestminsterGenBrooke North27.27%79543.67
New WestminsterFraserview27.27%12403.67
Maple RidgeAlbion28.00%16273.57
Pitt MeadowsMid Meadows28.00%1903.57
BurnabySimon Fraser University SFU28.13%54633.56
CoquitlamCentral Coquitlam28.57%78823.50
Pitt MeadowsNorth Meadows28.57%49413.50
Vancouver East Champlain Heights28.85%66583.47
Maple RidgeEast Central 28.87%93493.46
CoquitlamCoquitlam West29.76%92763.36
LadnerLadner Elem entary30.00%54373.33
North VancouverLower Lonsdale30.59%91603.27
Vancouver West Kitsilano31.01%91713.23
Vancouver East Mount Pleasant VE32.80%88823.05
BurnabyVancouver Heights33.33%56663.00
BurnabyCapital Hill33.33%56623.00
Vancouver West Quilchena33.33%74603.00
CoquitlamUpper Eagle Ridge33.33%69553.00
RichmondW estwind33.33%28433.00
North VancouverNorthlands33.33%26403.00
North VancouverDollarton33.33%56343.00
Port CoquitlamRiverwood34.48%51502.90
Vancouver East Hastings35.14%69652.85
North VancouverLynnm our35.59%58612.81
RichmondHam ilton35.71%702.80
BurnabyForest Glen37.14%35482.69
BurnabySimon Fraser Hills37.50%42752.67
New WestminsterSapperton38.46%70752.60
Vancouver East Main40.00%69712.50
Pitt MeadowsCentral Meadows40.00%66532.50
Maple RidgeSouthwest40.00%93492.50
West VancouverHorseshoe Bay40.00%52442.50
BurnabyBurnaby Lake40.00%6402.50
New WestminsterUptown 40.24%95572.48
Vancouver East Grandview42.11%76702.38
Pitt MeadowsSouth Meadows42.86%15412.33
Port CoquitlamCentral Port Coquitlam43.42%73552.30
Vancouver East Knight45.45%65702.20
Vancouver West Fairview48.45%89802.06
Port MoodyHeritage Woods50.00%68612.00
TsawwassenTsawwassen East50.00%24382.00
West VancouverFurry Creek50.00%702.00
Vancouver East Fraser52.94%91651.89
North VancouverSeymour60.00%43591.67
Vancouver West Dunbar60.00%68541.67
North VancouverIndian River60.00%001.67
TsawwassenTsawwassen Central66.67%24381.50
Port MoodyCollege Park71.43%68611.40
Maple RidgeNorth 100.00%62521.00
RichmondSouth Arm100.00%18451.00
RichmondM cNair100.00%27441.00
Port CoquitlamOxford Heights100.00%45421.00
North VancouverDeep Cove100.00%64381.00
CoquitlamCoquitlam East250.00%92760.40
Romana King
Romana King

Romana is an award-winning personal finance writer with an expertise in real estate. She is obsessed with the property marketplace and is the current Director of Content at Zolo.