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History behind the names of 8 famous global cities

Just in time for the Brit Awards and in honour of the London and Milan Fashion week here are the historical stories behind eight famous world city names
Eiffel Tower at evening, Paris, France. How this city got its name. Origin of city names
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Moniker, nickname, pet-name. We all know how sticky a name can be — particularly if the name is attached to a special moment in history, a treasured memory or part of a joke. For cities, a name is often a tribute — a chance to honour a person, a language or a memory — but for most of us the history behind a city’s name is often lost or forgotten.

Until now.

Here is a rundown of how eight of the worlds most famous cities got their names and the history behind those names. And just in time! With the launch of London Fashion Week over the last weekend, the launch of Milan’s Fashion Week today and the promise of glamour and glitz at Brit Awards tomorrow night, it’s probably best if we brush up on where a few iconic global cities got their names.

8 global cities origin of names infographic
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Source: Jenn Gerlach, Zolo News


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