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10 things that might be hiding in your walls

You never know what you'll uncover when you open up that wall
hiding in your walls

For years people have been finding things in their walls and not just old photos or newspaper clippings, but weird things, really weird things. Sometimes these items were hidden and then forgotten, other times the “thing” crawled in on its own and other times it was a matter of concealing and not telling. Here are 10 of the strangest things that could be hiding in your own walls.

1. Urine and fingernail clippings

NMSC Archaeology 

Witch Bottles were very popular back in the day and they were filled with various fluids and sealed in walls or beneath your fireplace to protect your home from witches. With only six cases of them being dug up in North America it should make you wonder if someone else’s bits are in your walls.

2. A missile


After starting some home renovations William Whitman was puzzled to feel something odd in the insulation of the bathroom wall he was taring down. Big bets are he wasn’t expecting the oddity to be a live bomb from the Korean War.

3. Snakes

ABC News

A nice family in Idaho buys a new house. Everything seems cute until you find out the previous owners fled this house they’d named Satan’s Lair. This house was infested with snakes. Not just a few snakes but hundreds and hundreds of snakes. The biggest tip-off had been odd sounds from inside the walls of their home – and an abundance of snakes in the yard and trash cans.

4. Undies

Lineal Inc

We thought these unmentionables were worth a mention. This contractor has found everything from tighty whities to a decade-old brassiere.

5. Bones

Dapper Cadaver

Harvard’s Holden Chapel was being renovated when a woman found some bones in the walls. This isn’t a rare occurrence but the condition and metal attachments to the bones led to more questions.  As it turns out from 1782 to 1850 the chapel was also used for anatomy and dissection lectures these bones have been donated by their owners before death.

6. People

Viral Nova

Those strange sounds you hear at night might just be coming from a live person living in your walls! These unsuspecting folks found an entire staircase and room inside of their walls. The evidence clearly showed someone had been in the space recently — notice how the banana peel is still yellow!

7. Rockwell

Rockwell Breaking Home Ties
Art Now and Then

Do you own a priceless piece of art you’d like to keep out of an estranged spouse’s hands? Considering hiding it in the wall! Don Trachte Jr. thought this was the perfect plan. It was only after he died that his sons noticed some inconsistencies in the walls of his Vermont home. They pried a panel off and found a missing Norman Rockwell painting that later sold at auction for over $15 million USD.

8. Cash

Mega Curioso

More than one contractor has started a home renovation only to uncover cold hard cash in the walls. Sometimes the contractor keeps it, sometimes the homeowner does and sometimes the court rules the descendants of the deceased get it.

9. Keith Haring

House Logic

Haring’s art has turned up in all sorts of random places in New York. This lucky homeowner found an entire mural on his entryway wall.

10. Wallets

Daily Mail

Richard Lane was pretty sure he’d lost his wallet permanently but 40 years later the police called saying they’d found it. The sports centre Lane had been on the day his wallet went missing has been lodged inside a wall. It was later found when work was being done on the building. Since the ID was still in the wallet, the police called Lane to come and get it!

Amy Billingsley
Amy Billingsley

Amy is a Realtor with Zolo who lives and specializes in the Tri-Cities area (Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam). A fan of The Amazing Race and mid-century modern architecture, Amy spends her off-time on hiking trails or taking in a movie with her family.