Holiday Gift Guide 2018

To help you find that perfect holiday gift for the trendy long-term renter, to the new homeowner, to the RV-cruising downsizer — we've got you covered

Made a list and checking it twice? We get it. Gift giving can be a fun, frivolous affair. It can also be an adventure, an expedition or a downright trudge from store to store. To help we’ve created a gift guide. Use these lists to help find that perfect holiday gift for that tough buy friend or family member — from the trendy long-term renter to the new homeowner to the jet-setting (or RV-cruising) downsizer — we’ve got you covered.


Gift Guide: 10 perfect gifts for the homeowner

The perfect home is the ultimate Christmas gift. So, what do you get for someone who has just bought a home? The gift of time and money.

One simple and effective way to give both is to buy your friend or family member a much-needed service. Need to clean out some junk? There’s a service for that. Tired of cooking? There’s a service for that. We break down the top 10 services to buy that homeowner on your list. 




Gift Guide: 10 perfect gifts for anyone on your list

Looking for an unusual gift?  Or maybe you’re just stumped and need a bit of inspiration for an awesome Christmas or holiday gift this year. Not to worry. Here are 10 suggestions for great gifts that range in price from $20 to $200.


Gift Guide: 10 Great Gifts for Renters

During the holiday season, it can be tough knowing what to get your friends who rent. How can you help them make the most of their space, without tearing the place — that isn’t theirs — apart. Here are 10 gift suggestions to bring Christmas or holiday cheer that range in price from $20 to $123 — and all of the gifts are items your friends can take with them to the next place!




gifts for sustainable, small space living. The living composter

Gift Guide: 10 Great Gifts for Downsizers

Downsizing is a great opportunity for older couples and families to gain more from their space without having to stockpile stuff. This holiday season there are some great gifts for those living in smaller spaces. Many are gifts that will help them make the most of their smaller space while some offer a bit of whimsical, nostalgic comfort.






5 ways to maximize reward points this holiday season

For tips and tricks on how you can give to yourself while shopping for others, check out these tips on how to maximize your reward points programs this holiday season.



Finally, if you’re really stuck for a gift idea, consider giving the gift of luck. A charity lottery ticket starts at $100 per ticket (although you can find home lottery tickets that are cheaper) but offers the gift recipient a chance to win a dream home! Most are valued at more than $1-million, making this as close to priceless as most budgets would allow. Even if your friend doesn’t win, it’s nice to know that the money went to a good cause. For more, check out which lotteries have the best odds.

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There’s nothing like a thoughtfully chosen gift to bring a smile to the face of a friend or loved one. Whether it’s something funky, something frivolous or just plain practical, your gift surely won’t go to waste.

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