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Gift Guide: 10 perfect gifts for downsizers

Know someone who recently downsized but still wants to make the most of their newfound space and lifestyle? These gifts take up less space, add a bit of nostalgia, or simply a better way of living in smaller spaces
gifts for sustainable, small space living. The living composter
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Downsizing is a great opportunity for older couples and families to gain more from their space without having to stockpile stuff. This holiday season there are some great gifts for those living in smaller spaces. Many are gifts that will help them make the most of their smaller space while some offer a bit of whimsical, nostalgic comfort.

Here are our favourite gift recommendations for 2018 for those who’ve recently downsized:

1. Maple Syrup Retro Tin Candle ($15)

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How about a little bit of Canadiana for your next holiday housewarming? This candle is not only a throwback to everyone’s favourite treat, maple syrup, but the crackling wooden wick makes it feel like you’re sitting in front of the fireplace. Pair the candle with a TV fireplace and you have the perfect cottage-feel right in the heart of downtown.

2. Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense ($17)

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For those who upsized to their first condo or downsized from a larger home, it’s always a nice feeling to get outside and get back to the elements. Sometimes, though, that’s just not possible. To help your loved ones with this, consider getting them a Juniper Ridge campfire incense gift. Even if your loved ones live in a condo right in the heart of downtown, they can still breathe in those camping vibes with the sweet, nostalgic smell of a campfire.

3. Marimo Moss Ball ($18)

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Quite often, smaller spaces mean less room for furry friends (although that’s not always the case). Still, if you know someone who isn’t ready for a four-legged companion commitment, but yearns for a little down-time company, consider the Marimo Moss Ball. A step up from the pet rock, the Japanese Marimo moss ball is a living organism that is easy to take care of and lives in its own vial.

4. Bodum Tea for One ($20)

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Who doesn’t love to cozy up with a warm cup of tea, particularly on a cold, blustery night? If your friends have recently jettisoned their collection of mugs, kettles, and the like, but still yearn for a charming chamomile before bed, this one-cup solution is perfect for them.

5. Toss & Chop Titanium Salad Scissors ($35)

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So long, clunky knife block! These salad scissors are a small addition to any drawer, but they are an excellent way to prep ingredients for chopped salads of all kinds. Who said you can’t have fun with your food?

6. Arborist Labrador Throw ($35)

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Not only is this throw blanket super cozy, but that it comes with its own handle to make storage a breeze.

7. Wool Dryer Balls ($40)

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If you’ve downsized into a condo, and no longer have room to hang your laundry out any longer, than wool dryer balls are a great replacement! Just toss these made-in-Canada balls into a load of drying laundry. They work by making your dryer more energy-efficient, plus the clothes come out soft and cozy.

8.Home Lottery Ticket ($100)

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If your friend or family member downsized as part of their retirement plan, then chances are they’d love a bit of extra luck when it comes to finances. Why not give them a gift of Lady Luck, with a charity home lottery ticket. Most charities charge $100 a ticket — although some are as little as $25 per ticket — and offer the ticket-holder a chance to win big prizes, such as million dollar dream homes. Even if your friend or family member doesn’t win, it’s good to know that a portion of the ticket sales goes to help charity.

You can find out which home lotteries have the best odds, here, or check out which charity lotteries give the highest percentage back to their cause, here.

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9.Kindle ($140)

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So maybe your friends no longer have room for that library. While they try to find a way to get rid of stacks and stacks of books that are merely collecting dust, a Kindle is a great way to help them manage their newfound space — without making them give up all attachments to the written word.

10. Living Composter ($199)

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“Turning food scraps into fab fertilizer” is the major selling point of this amazing Living Composter. If you know someone who’s interested in living a green life, while saving on space, this piece is a great addition to any countertop.

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