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Over 40 ways to win a dream home in 2019

Why not spend a little to help a good cause and increase your chances of becoming a homeowner? Here are 41 ways to make this happen

Want to skip the agonies of a big mortgage and massive debt? Spend a little, take a chance and try to win a dream home. Turns out there are more than 40 charity lotteries in Canada that offer property as a grand prize. To help you get the biggest bang for your mega-lottery buck, we examined each charity lottery with a chance to win a dream home to find which lottery you should gamble on. 

We list all 41 home lotteries that give you a chance to become king of your own castle — just click on the charity links below to find out about each home lottery.

You can also find out which home lottery gives you the best odds of winning or glance through the list of charity lotteries who give back a large percentage of their lottery revenues donating back to charity.

Romana King
Romana King

Romana is an award-winning personal finance writer with an expertise in real estate. She is obsessed with the property marketplace and is the current Director of Content at Zolo.