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Best tiny houses in Alberta

Rising house prices have transformed the way that people look at traditional housing! The alternative option of a tiny home seems perfect, particularly when matched with Alberta's expansive prairie sky
tiny houses in alberta

Have you ever fretted over the price of housing in Canada? You’re not alone. Turns out today’s homebuyers have about 40% less home buying power than their parents, who were typically buying less expensive properties on a smaller salary back in the mid-1970s. That’s why we want to look at some of the best tiny houses in Alberta.

Yet, with new problems come innovative solutions. Enter: The tiny home.

Tiny houses are just like ordinary houses, except they are much smaller. Much, much smaller. These cozy spaces are typically limited to 500 square feet or less but still consist of everything a homeowner needs: a kitchen, a bathroom and a place to sleep.

Although less space might sound like a bad thing, there are lots of benefits to living in a tiny house, such as higher affordability, a smaller environmental footprint, and the reduction of overall homeowner debt. If you want to join the tiny house movement or learn more for curiosity’s sake, here are five tiny houses that are for sale in Alberta (as of February 27, 2018). 

1. Edmonton, Alberta
Cost: $59,000

edmonton-tiny-house-for-sale. tiny houses in alberta

This tiny multi-level home is 20 feet long and 8 feet wide stands on a trailer making it easy to relocate. The downstairs covers around 160 square feet and upstairs you will find two bedrooms spanning approximately 320 square feet. The home is fully equipped with appliances that include a large fridge, a propane stove, a washer and dryer and a large TV. The current owner is also willing to paint the tiny home in any colour that you choose.

2. Lethbridge, Alberta
Cost: $40,000

lethbridge-home-tiny. tiny houses in alberta

This log cabin tiny house has more space than you may expect; the home is 432 square feet, with a floor size of 18 x 24. The interior of the home has a cozy feel to it, featuring knotty pine wood and a fully insulated ceiling that keeps the home warm even when the weather is cold. The home also has a large loft bedroom, and it can be moved to your preferred location.

3. Lloydminster, Alberta
Cost: $89,000

tiny-house-lloydminster. tiny houses in alberta

This custom built park model is the perfect tiny house on wheels for any homeowner looking to downsize their living situation or decrease their housing costs. The 340 square foot home includes heaps of storage, reclaimed wood and new appliances. With its modern design also comes a full sized shower, laundry area and electric fireplace.

4. Red Deer, Alberta
Cost: Contact seller

red-deer-tiny-home. tiny houses in alberta

This tiny home has never been lived in — and comes with brand new appliances, including a large bathtub, a washer and a dryer. The property also includes luxurious features such as a beautiful wooden floor, French doors, a closed off area that could be used as an office and a carpeted loft. The owner is also willing to move the home to any location in Alberta.

5. Calgary, Alberta
Cost: $50,000 to $80,000

tiny-homes-micro-build. tiny houses in alberta
Blackbird Tiny Homes

Blackbird Tiny Homes are an Alberta-based company who operate out of Calgary. Specializing in custom built micro-homes on wheels, they offer a wide range of tiny houses in Alberta with custom layout and design which will be delivered anywhere in the province. 

All of these tiny homes are beautiful in different ways, which means there is something for every potential tiny homeowner. Whether you want an eco-friendly home or something more traditional, you should be able to find a tiny house in Alberta that you will love.

Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson

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