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We give back: 5 of the best Realtors Care stories from 2018

In this season of giving, it's heart-warming to know that as a group and as individuals, real estate professionals can make a difference
Realtors Care Foundation helped raise funds for Red Cross Canada

As Realtors, we know how valuable a home is and there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing your clients search, find and finally move into their first, third or even final home.

But, as Realtors, we don’t stop there. We never stop there. As professionals intimately involved in the neighbourhoods where we work, we want to create a better community for everyone. If you’re like me, you believe that everyone deserves a happy life — and this is one of the biggest reasons for doing what we do. It’s also the impetus behind the REALTORS Care® Foundation. And in this season of giving, it’s heart-warming to know that as a group and as individuals, real estate professionals can make a difference.

To honour all the effort Realtors have put into helping others this year, I’d like to share my favourite REALTORS Care® stories from 2018.

  1. Vancouver, BC: First on the list is the major gala dinner that raised almost $1 million dollars for medical equipment at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital. It was the 11th annual Scotiabank Feast of Fortune gala hosted by St. Paul’s Foundation, where 650 citizens of Vancouver enjoyed different foods, live performances and an auction. This important event was originally founded by Sing Lim Yeo, Senior Vice-President at Vancouver’s Royal Pacific Realty. Since the launch of this important annual charitable event, Yeo and his team have been major contributors to breast cancer research and the development of breast cancer diagnostic technology.
  2. Toronto, ON: Next on the list is Search Realty’s continuous support of SickKids Foundation. Search Realty donates 1% of every sale to the SickKids Foundation. These funds have been used to cover a variety of medical expenses for children in need. This charitable act was started by Sterling Wong. At birth, Wong was diagnosed with cleft lip and palate and had multiple surgeries at the Hospital for Sick Children. Although this can be a traumatic experience for anyone, Wong says he has so many fond memories of the caring staff and kind doctors that he came away from the experience with fond memories. As a result, he made a vow to give back.Because of Wong’s tireless efforts and because of the dedication of Search Realty agents, the brokerage donated more than $50,000 to SickKids Foundation, earning them a permanent gratitude plaque in the SickKids’ hall of donors.
  3. Winnipeg, MB: Holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving are a time when family and friends gather together to eat, laugh and share moments together. But not every family is fortunate. Not every family can afford a turkey, or even a healthy, home-cooked meal. That’s where Winnipeg’s Realtors decided to step in. During the Easter holidays in 2018, 50 devoted Realtors gathered together to prepare a special dinner for the less fortunate who regularly attended Siloam Mission, located at 300 Princess Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Not only did hundreds of people eat a warm meal but they also went a step further and spent time getting to know the attendees, while sitting and enjoying various musical performances that the Realtors had previously organized for the event.
  4. Halifax, NS: Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that help the most. Back in January, agents from Royal LePage Atlantic, a brokerage located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, decided to hold a bake sale. By simply selling scrumptious baked goods, these Realtors were able to raise $27,400 which was donated to Alice Housing, an organization that helps provide families with safe second-stage housing and supportive counselling due to domestic abuse.
  5. Canada: Back in May 2018, the rapidly melting snow caused major floods in communities in New Brunswick and British Columbia, damaging dozens of houses and forcing hundreds of Canadians to leave their homes and take up residence in shelters. To help, the REALTORS Care® foundation launched a fundraising campaign to help Canada’s Red Cross in gathering funds for the communities impacted by the floods. In only a matter of days, the campaign raised more than $11,400.

These are just a few of the many stories published on the REALTORS Care® website. If you or anyone you know has a similar story, we warmly encourage you to e-mail the foundation the details, along with photos, so that we can share how we care worldwide.

Mustafa Abbasi
Mustafa Abbasi

Mustafa Abbasi is the President of Zolo Realty and the broker of record in Ontario. He is passionate about customer service and consumer experience.