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Bad Real Estate Photos: 7 hilarious animal photos

When pets and other furry creatures photobomb real estate photos, MLS listings start to look a bit hairy
Bad MLS Photos: 7 hilarious animal photos

Usually, when you sell a home you take pictures of the best features. But despite our best efforts, things don’t always go according to the plan. Photos end up blurry and others end up, well, just plain furry. Here’s a selection of bad real estate photos from MLS listings where pets and other furry creatures are certainly a distraction.

1. Just trying to be cute…


While an enormous teddy bear will make some child extraordinarily happy, the large furry stuffie has no place in a listing photo for a home for sale. Remove the oversized teddy bear and homebuyers may actually notice the tall ceilings and large windows.

2. Poor Winnie. Moving is never fun


Oh no! Winnie the Pooh looks rather lonely and sad. Perhaps the stuffed Pooh-bear was used to provide scale to the room but, instead, it just distracts potential buyers.

3. Just a bear…on a toilet. Now, that’s a first


Strange animal pictures, like a mascot-bear on a toilet, don’t leave us with a warm-fuzzy feeling (and far too many unanswered questions).

4. A dog. A lake. No home. Interesting


The photo shows off a lovely lake and a small, quiet neighbourhood, but the option to show a dog staring at this scene, rather than the home or it’s private backyard will just prompt more questions and concerns than assurances.

5. There’s an art to staging


Trying to be artistic? Only have a chair and a dog to stage a home? This is the result and it’s not a great first impression.

6. Can’t say no to that face!


Classic photobomb! Looks like Fido wanted to get his best side. Next time, take him for a nice, long walk while you snap “for sale” photos.

7. Just sitting in the corner…

(Source: Magiera Mortgage)

Animal pictures might be great to put into your family photo album, but if you’re trying to sell a house, those real estate listings don’t need to include your pets. Buyers are looking at the size of your bedrooms, the appliances in your kitchen, and whether or not you have a garage. Home buyers are not shopping for a pet and certainly don’t need to be reminded that Fido and Felix spent time licking their fur in that room’s corner.

If you’re in the process of selling your home avoid taking photos when animals are in the room or frame. Not only will it turn off any potential buyer with an allergy, the image of the cutie may actually distract would-be buyers.

Vera Gruessner
Vera Gruessner

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