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10 most expensive homes in Canada

Here are 10 homes currently for sale in Canada that are at least seven times the cost of an entry-level private jet

A new report from Christie’s International found that Toronto and Victoria, B.C. at the very top of the list of hottest luxury real estate markets in the world. We’re not surprised. Canada certainly features some of the best when it comes to properties, luxury finishes and amenities. 

In fact, the luxury real estate market in Canada is booming; rising wages and an improving currency have pushed the average Canadian wage higher than the USA’s or the UK’s, making it possible for more people to invest in the luxury real estate market.

Whether you want to buy your own luxury home or you just like window shopping, here are the 10 most expensive homes currently for sale in Canada.

1. PH02 1011 W Cordova Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Asking price: $38,000,000


The Details

  • Property Taxes: $49,759
  • 6,652 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • # Days on the Market: 43

This Pacific Rim penthouse home is a world class luxury home in Vancouver. The stunning home has around 6652 square feet of living space, as well as an additional 2900 square feet of outdoor terrace space. The interior was also designed by one of the most renowned interior design companies in Canada, so every room is breath-taking!

2. 2250 Indian River Crescent, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Asking price: $36,200,000


The Details

  • Property Taxes: $35,701
  • 14 acres
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • # Days on the Market: 113

This beautiful private sanctuary is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want neighbours. The house is nestled in over 14 acres of land, and there is also a self-contained guest home, a greenhouse and a 12 stall horse barn. The home also includes stunning water features and unique Japanese architecture.

3. 20913 Leslie Street, East Gwillimbury, Ontario

Asking price: $35,000,000


The Details

  • Property Taxes: $6,261
  • ? square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • # Days on the Market: 127

This home comes with a huge amount of land, but that isn’t all; there are also 100 parking spaces, so it is perfect for anyone who wants to regularly host events! The home on the property is quite small, but there is also a barn and farming space, so the land has a lot of potential for the right person.

4. 3490 Pine Cresent, Vancouver, British Columbia

Asking price: $35,000,000


The Details

  • Property Taxes: $58,986
  • 26,808 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • # Days on the Market: 93

This stunning home is set in a beautiful garden oasis, but the inside is even more impressive than the gardens. There is a stunning two-storey foyer and grand home, a breath-taking sweeping staircase and a luxurious dining room with an exquisite chandelier. There are also 8 wet bars, an indoor heated pool, a Jacuzzi, a library and a wine cellar that can hold 700 bottles!

5. 1126 Wolfe Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia

Asking price: $34,800,000


The Details

  • Property Taxes: $30,138
  • 11,019 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 10
  • # Days on the Market: 174

This extraordinary luxury estate is placed on half an acre of prime land, within the exclusive First Shaughnessy enclave. The home has amazing views of the downtown skyline and the mountains, and the interior features an elevator, a Chinese kitchen, a summer kitchen, a four-car garage and a wine cellar that can hold over a thousand bottles of wine. There is also a pool outside!

6. 1 Fawn Bluff Cove, Other Islands, British Columbia

Asking price: $28,800,000


The Details

  • Property Taxes: $33,424
  • 12,995 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 11
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • # Days on the Market: 141

If you like fishing or swimming, this is the luxury home for you. The beautiful house comes with a private lake, stunning ocean views and the only sheltered home harbour in the area. The home is also perfect for hosting events; you can sleep up to 30 people across the property, and there is enough accommodation for up to 8 members of staff!

7. 4838 Belmont Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia

Asking price: $28,000,000


The Details

  • Property Taxes: $53,946
  • 8,139 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 8
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • # Days on the Market: 38

This grand residence is nestled in the prestigious Point Grey area, and the entrance features a large front yard with a circular driveway. The home also comes with over 8,000 square feet of luxurious living space, including a stunning grand foyer with skylights, a media room, a gourmet kitchen with a dedicated wok-cooking, an indoor pool, a hot tub and a huge master bedroom with its own private office.

8. 5791 Newton Wynd, Vancouver, British Columbia

Asking price: $26,980,000


The Details

  • Property Taxes: $38,468
  • 10,209 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • # Days on the Market: 155

This beautiful home has marble and oak floors, an indoor pool, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and sweeping mountain and ocean views.

9. 2016 Nita Lane, Whistler, British Columbia

Asking price: $25,900,000


The Details

  • Property Taxes: $44,140
  • 5,570 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • # Days on the Market: 26

This warm and welcoming family home is placed on nearly 5 acres of land, and it is less than two minutes away from Whistler’s Creekside. The home is also privy to approximately 20% of Nita Lake’s frontage, which makes the home seriously unique and exclusive.

10. 5340 Seaside Place West Vancouver, Caulfield

Asking price: $22,880,000



The Details

  • Property Taxes: $29,037
  • 6,412 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • # Days on the Market: 16

This waterfront home was designed by world-famous architect Russell Hollingsworth, and it features ponds, an infinity pool and fountains throughout.

(All homes were for sale as of February 16, 2018.)

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