As a Real Estate Agent, I want to spend my time and focus helping my clients find their dream home, not on lead generation. Zolo gives me all the leads I can handle, for free. Krystal M.

Want to Earn More as a Real Estate Agent?

100% of Leads Provided
You'll never have to spend your own money on marketing, branding, or leads again. Stop competing with your colleagues & managers - your leads are exclusive to you. Get over 50 per week. Focus on customer care and closing deals.
Make More Money, Immediately
Zolo agents start closing deals their first month. You don't have to spend your own money on marketing, then hope leads trickle in 3 months later. Zolo agents earn in the Top 25% of realtors, immediately.
We Take the Risk
You'll never pay desk fees. No personal marketing costs will ever leave your pocket.

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How Zolo is Different

Our agents spend their time with customers - not printers, programmers, marketing agencies, and consultants. Zolo technology allows our agents to operate 100% from home or on the road - more meetings, more showings, more customer care.

100% of Leads Provided
You'll never have to spend your own money on marketing, branding, or leads again. That means you can focus on customer care and closing deals.
No Desk Fees... Really
You'll never pay desk fees. No personal marketing costs have to ever leave your pocket. You'll make more money, without the upfront risk.
1-on-1 Success Coaching
We succeed when you succeed. Our experienced coaches help agents with phone skills, offer strategies, and everything else to help them flourish.
Free Customer Management Tools
Manage leads using the amazing Zolo Insights CRM. It's optimized for mobile devices and fully integrated with customer web activity.
Work Anywhere
We've digitized our business, so you are free to serve your clients from wherever you choose: home, car, coffee shop, client's house, or the Zolo office.
In-House Financing
Our integrated mortgage brokerage works alongside our agents to assure customers get the best financing available, promptly. Get deals done.

What Our Agents Are Saying

What if you had 100% of the leads needed to earn a top producer income, no desk fees, and 1-on-1 coaching, all while giving Canadians a better homebuying experience? That is the Zolo way.
I worked in another brokerage for a year and a half but I never had any support. With Zolo, support is not only through the friendly approach from my broker of record, it's also the cutting edge technology that makes our work much easier and more organized. It's appreciated by me, and also my clients. They feel the improvement in my responsiveness and efficiency.
Steven Yanni
Sales Representative, Zolo Realty
The Zolo CRM makes me feel like I have an assistant. Zolo gives you the leads. They will give you as many leads as you are capable of handling. They clients I speak to are motivated. And if they aren't motivated for now, they are motivated for later.
Renata Avila
Sales Representative, Zolo Realty
You truly are mentored. Not by a DVD, but by a person who has been through it and is giving you their experiences to learn from. Zolo is the real deal.
Desiree Tuitt
Sales Representative, Zolo Realty
Zolo CRM is super easy to use. It's very user friendly. The interface is fantastic. I never feel like I am left alone to do a deal. I always have help. If you're a new agent, Zolo is a great place to start.
Tyler Dmytrow
Sales Representative, Zolo Realty

A Week in the Life

What your week could look like if you weren't spending all of your time trying to generate leads.

  • Mon

    Finalizing Offers

    Your client wants to buy. Let's get this deal done.

    Remove subjects on a deal from 2 weeks ago.

  • Tues

    New clients

    Cold-call to try and find new leads

    Introduce yourself to new clients provided by the Zolo lead system. Evaluate their needs by asking open ended questions.

    Schedule a few in-person meetings to go over new client needs.

  • Wed


    Follow up with a handful of existing clients. Ask more questions. Make more money.

    Sign an agent agreement with a new home buyer.

  • Thur

    Flex Day

    Sit in on webinar on how to generate more leads.

    Take in your nephews soccer game.

    Dinner party with friends.

  • Fri

    Flex Day

    Prospecting for leads

    Buying ads

    Pick up commission cheque on the super home you helped the Veenstra's buy.

    Date night with the spouse. Go see the newest superhero movie.

  • Sat

    Showings & Open Houses

    Five properties to show. Two in the morning. Three in the evening.

    Set up for the open house in the afternoon.

  • Sun

    Prepare Offers

    Sync with your offer specialist to strategize on great offer on a home.