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Zolo grabs a top spot in best interior design blog list

Zolo awarded spot in best interior design blog list

We all dream of that picture-perfect, magazine-ready, ultra-trendy HGTV-worthy home. But it’s hard. Between work, baseball or soccer practise, kids’ camp schedules and squeezing in a bit of adult time it’s hard to colour-match the accent pillows with the artwork.

But there’s help. Zolo News continually posts information, tips and advice on interior design and home renovations (you can find the latest post here). There are sites dedicated to finding the best advice and information on the web. Feedspot is one of those sites. As an RSS service, Feedspot scours the Internet to find the best-in-class articles on a variety of topics, including interior design. Rather than subscribe to each individual site (as required for your own RSS feed), Feedspot delivers content on your chosen topic directly to you.

Recently, Feedspot put out their most comprehensive list of Top 30 Canadian Interior Design and Home Decorating Blogs on the Internet and Zolo made it to the list!

We consider that an honour, particularly given the people and companies we now share space with on that list (and given that we do very, very, very little to grow our social media audience). For instance, the No. 2 spot was snagged by Vancouver-based interior design blogger, Maria Killam, who boasts more than 12,500 Facebook fans and almost 5,200 Twitter followers. The No. 5 spot is reserved for Jane Lockhart, a Toronto-based designer who works with both residential and commercial clients across North America (and she has an impressive 25,000+ Facebook following and more than 8,000 Twitter followers). Zolo took the No. 6 spot in this list of the top 30 Canadian Interior Design and Home Decorating blogs list.

You can find the full list here.

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