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4 Winnipeg facts you didn’t know

the forks

Winnipeg — or Winterpeg — is most known for its cold weather and flat prairie land. But ask a local Winnipeger and they’ll tell you, there’s so much more to this city than meets the eye. If you find yourself in Winnipeg and want to learn about the town then do as the locals. To help, here are four key things people from Winnipeg want you to know. Consider it a starting place in your Winnipeg adventures.

No. 1
The bridge that has historical ties to Egypt

arlington bridge winnipeg

According to historians, the Arlington Bridge was purchased by the city of Winnipeg at a discounted price because it was built to cross the Nile in Egypt. Whether or not that’s entirely true is up for debate, but locals always enjoy explaining to people that the bridge was intended to traverse the famous Nile River and not the Canadian Pacific (CP) railway tracks. The story — and the pride locals tell it with — is a testament to the low-key nature of this Manitoban city.

No. 2
Curling, curling, and once more for good measure: curling

curling in manitoba
Benson Kua

Winnipeg is the curling capital of Canada. No seriously. Curling is a very big deal in the city of Winnipeg and for a good reason. If you’ve never had the chance to skip stones or hurry hard down a sheet of ice, you haven’t lived! That’s why locals often spend most of their time explaining the rules of curling to town newbies. How does it work, how do you score, and why the heck do you need brooms? Spend an afternoon in Winnipeg, and you might walk away hooked on brooms.

No. 3
The Forks have mixed reviews among locals

the forks
Robert Linsdell

Depending on who you ask, locals either love or hate the riverwalk on The Forks. Some might say it’s cluttered with tourists, while others say it’s an excellent opportunity to get out and see what makes Winnipeg so unique. The Forks are what led people to settle here in the first place — the overwhelming presence of the rivers. During spring, it often gets flooded, but the restoration of this part of town is a testament to the fact that Winnipeg is growing and people are visiting.

No. 4
Indoor walkways are a lifesaver

indoor walkways winnipeg
Peter Vanderheyden

Even though it’s not the windiest city in Canada — Hamilton, Ontario gets that distinction — Winnipeg is known as the Windy City. It got the name because of the cold, bitter winds that blow during the winter season. The wind is so aggressive that you often can’t feel your face or even see what’s in front of you. In an effort to provide a bit of respite, the city planners built two kilometres of an indoor walkway in the downtown core, so you can get from building to building in a jiffy without getting frostbite on your face.

There’s a lot to love, and a whole lot to learn, about Winnipeg. Known as a city on the rise, with new and exciting ideas cropping up each day, Winterpeg has much more to offer than most would assume.

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