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6 ways tech lovers can spruce up their backyard

Friends enjoy dinner on patio with twinkly lights

Technology has a way of making even the most difficult tasks seem manageable – and that now includes backyard experiences in your home. Whether you hope to enhance the outdoor experience for guests or boost the security and curb appeal of your space by creating a smart home, we have six tech-focused tips to make your backyard more functional and eye-catching.

#1. Illuminate your backyard with smart home lighting

Teenagers sit around fire with backyard lights

Sometimes, the simplest changes can completely transform the way your backyard looks, and it can be as easy as installing smart lighting on your home’s exterior. Replacing standard light bulbs with energy-efficient smart lighting is also a sustainable home improvement idea that virtually every homeowner can implement. It can be especially beneficial for older homes that typically hold inefficient lighting.

Smart lighting isn’t just for indoor spaces, and nowadays, you can find a variety of apps, hand, and voice-controlled smart lighting devices that consume less energy (primarily LED lights). These newer devices also come with dimming options so you can set the mood and create the perfect ambiance for any outdoor occasion.

#2. Include solar-powered items into your backyard design

Young woman with a kid and a man in the sun rays look at the solar panels.

Introducing solar technology to your backyard space can be a great way to slash your energy bills and meet your household’s power needs by relying on a clean, renewable energy source. Installing solar panels is also a worthwhile eco-friendly home improvement, considering the significant ROI this switch can generate. 

Solar-power makes a fantastic investment for tech-loving, eco-conscious homeowners. You can opt for ground-mounted models or add solar panels to the roof of your home, garage or shed. Another consideration is adding solar-powered charging stations and use them as a source of free electricity for charging your phone, tablet, or laptop.

#3. Rely on technology to grow a luscious backyard garden

Smiling farmer holding vegetables basket while talking to his wife

If your main goal is to utilize smart home devices to become more environmentally friendly, did you know that you can also use technology to grow a garden? Growing your own fruits and vegetables can be a great way to live more sustainably. Still, even if you want to design a minimalist garden where you can grow pretty flowers, there is a way to do it efficiently and effortlessly.

Whether you’re a beginner at gardening or have a green thumb, relying on smart water technology can be a great way to ensure your plants are thriving. A couple of good options are to monitor the plants’ growth and analyze the temperature, nutrients, and moisture they’re receiving by tracking this data on an app or setting up general reminders on your phone.

#4. Improve your backyard aesthetic with a tech-infused water feature

A outdoor hot tub near a forest with a sunburst coming through the trees

Water features are an excellent addition to any outdoor space, and they can quickly level up your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re working with a spacious backyard or a tiny garden, adding a tech-infused water feature such as an outdoor spa is a space-friendly solution.

Most spas now come with app-controlled features so you can easily set and adjust the water temperature, activate jets, and even infuse the water with aromatherapy fragrances for a perfectly relaxing outdoor soak. On the other hand, if your outdoor space allows for it, you could also consider installing an inground pool and equipping the feature with smart upgrades such as chlorinators, salt systems, robotic pool cleaners, and LED lighting.

#5. Enhance your outdoor living experience with a quality entertainment system

Group of young restful friends having pizza with drinks and discussing movie they watched while sitting on chairs and carpet outdoors

Whether you’re a fan of throwing backyard summer parties, dining al fresco with friends and family, or want to have a place to relax and unwind in after a long day of work, introducing a powerful outdoor entertainment system is an essential tech upgrade. 

Consider getting a quality LED outdoor TV to ensure high-quality visuals, and accompany it with a powerful surround system for a perfect audio experience. An additional add-on for any game lovers or younger kids is a gaming console of your choice for some backyard fun. As a general reminder, it’s essential to invest in weather-proof technology so you can use your outdoor entertainment area whenever you please and opt for remote-controlled devices for added convenience.

#6. Improve the security of your exterior with safety add-ons

Person Hand Using Home Security System On Mobilephone With On Blueprint With Security Equipment

While most homeowners will strive to make the exterior of their home more appealing to the eye, it is crucial to keep in mind that a truly comfortable backyard is the one where you can feel safe. Your home is the one place where you should be able to feel serene and at peace, and it all starts with taking the necessary steps to boost the security of your backyard. For most homeowners, this will mean installing a security camera system and alarms.

If that doesn’t sound like enough, you can take your home security system a step further by infusing your backyard with smart home technology for deterring thieves. Installing smart locks to protect your doors and windows is a great place to start. Introducing passcodes to prevent others from using smart outdoor appliances when you’re not around is also a necessity.

There’s no denying that technology has a significant impact on how we go about our days, so there’s no reason not to make it a part of your backyard design. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to transform your outdoor space and create a tech-infused oasis that oozes with comfort and curb appeal.

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