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Extreme tree forts to bring out your inner child

extreme tree forts for adults

Remember begging your mom or dad to build you a tree fort? A private space that only you and your friends were allowed to go? Well, forget four walls and a wooden ladder, here are 17 extreme tree forts that will bring out your inner child.

1. Calling all Star Wars fans


It doesn’t get more extreme than turning your backyard tree fore into a Star Wars themed playhouse!

2. Backyard retreat

cabin treehouse extreme fort

Tree fort? Nah, I’m building a gorgeous, modern retreat for my child that can easily double as a cabin!

3. African safari tree house

Hluhluwe River Lodge

Ok. We confess. This tree fort is for the adults with an inner child. Located in South Africa, this tree fort is part of the luxury accommodation provided by Hluhluwe River Lodge. Still, the idea of a stand-alone tub and wrap-around decks is sure to inspire anyone about to build a custom tree-fort for their kid.

4. Fort at the edge of the world

Atlas Obscura

Would you dare to try this edge-of-the-world swing? An attraction situated at the edge of Baños, Ecuador, this simple swing hangs over the edge of the cliff of a seismic monitoring station called “La Casa del Árbol” (“The Treehouse”). There are no safety measures of any kind and no modern-day protection, just an old-school swing and the beauty of the canyon. In other words, this tree-fort offers an adrenalin rush, guaranteed.

5. Simply perfection

Family Fun

Sometimes the sweetest addition to a backyard is that homemade tree fort. Mommy-blogger, Morgan Smith, posted this beautiful tree house her hubby made for their growing family.

6. Better than a vacation home


Between the picnic area and the hammock, we would never leave this vacation home again.

7. Cabin in the woods

adult treehouse cabin
Hi Consumption

Architect Missy Brown designed this beautiful tree fort, located in the mountains of Colorado. With a rooftop patio perfect for some summer drinks and relaxation, we’re sure the fort will be quickly added to your vacation wish list.

8. Japanese lantern inspiration


Inspired by Japanese lanterns, Lukasz Kos designed this breathtaking and modern tree fort located near Lake Muskoka, Ontario.

9. An ode to The Lost Boys

Documenting Reality

Doesn’t this extreme tree fort remind you of the lost boy’s home in Hook? While it’s not overlooking Neverland, it’s still got great views of the English countryside.

10. The view from below

Documenting Reality

We’re not saying this spiral staircase is dangerous, but climbing up to this tree fort may require a bit of courage.

11. Nests aren’t just for birds


Birds are envious of this tree house designed by Bertil Harstrom and located in Sweden. Inside the nest-like tree-fort is a sleek design cozy enough to sleep two.

12. French forest fortress

Acid Cow

Nestled in the forests around Château de Langeais, this French tree fort is everything we ever wanted in a fairytale-style story.

13. Observatory in the trees

Chicago Tribune

What a great place to hide away — and maybe even peek on your neighbours. Located in Japan, builder Kobayahsi Takashi used mirrors to reflect the sunlight and create an awe-inspiring effect.

14. Airplane overhead

Daily Mail

This 1965 Boeing 727 airplane was transformed into an executive suite for a Costa Rica hotel just outside of the Manuel Antonia National Park. Not only does it have a view of the sea, it is also a two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite. Sign us up!

15. Summer camp vibes


Located in San Fransisco, this summer-camp-style tree fort is perfect for the entire family. The slippers are already under the bed and the slumber parties are being planned!

16. The house that started it all

My Life is Brilliant

Do you think Disney would mind if we moved in? This Swiss Family Robinson style tree fort is exactly how we imagined it would be.

17. Frank Lloyd Wright inspired fort

frank lloyd wright treehouse
Nelson Treehouse

Kentucky couple, Ron and Victoria, built this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired tree house as an homage to his horizontal lines and unique furnishings.

Image of Amy Billingsley

Amy Billingsley

Amy is a Realtor with Zolo who lives and specializes in the Tri-Cities area (Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam). A fan of The Amazing Race and mid-century modern architecture, Amy spends her off-time on hiking trails or taking in a movie with her family.