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Top 3 custom home builders in Ottawa

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How do you know what to look for in a custom home builder, architect, or full-service design and build team? You could ask your Facebook friends. Or do hours of research, only to be left with more questions than answers. We have answers here when it comes to finding the top custom home builders in Ottawa. 

A new home is the most significant investment you will ever make — and the costs can spiral quickly out of control if you opt to build a custom home. Sure, you still have to decide on paint colours, flooring and countertops but building a custom home goes beyond selecting finishes. A good builder will know what works and doesn’t work, the best use of space and how to add value without exceeding your build-budget. This is key if you want to build a home that suits your family without hurting your family’s financial future. 

If you’re in the Ontario, here are three top custom home builders in Ottawa that consistently win awards and customer accolades.

Greenmark Builders

greenmark living room build
Greenmark Builders Inc.

As a well-established custom-home builder, Greenmark Builders offer a winning mentality combined with exceptional customer service. In 2016, the international research firm Top Choice Awards surveyed Ottawa residents looking for the Top Home Builder in the city. Greenmark Builders came in first due to their three-draft developmental process and exceptional interior design team. Even better is that Greenmark also gets kudos from its peers with multiple awards from the Greater Ottawa Homebuilders’ Association.

From the initial interview with the architect assigned to your dream-home, to two additional revisions, Greenmark will supply an updated price with each meeting to ensure you know exactly where you stand throughout the process. For those buyers uninterested in going full-blown custom, Greenmark also has a variety of existing plans to choose from. If Greenmark sounds like the fit for your custom build, feel free to check out their website, follow them on Facebook and view some of their YouTube videos.

RND Construction

rnd construction home build
Ottawa Construction News

For those of us who are environmentally conscious, RND Construction seems to be the favourite choice. In 2016, RND received the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association “Custom Builder of the Year” award, and was also named “Custom Renovator of the Year.”

However, even with all these accolades, RNDs greatest accomplishments come from being known as “being green before green was cool.” The construction company just walked away with the “Green Renovation Project of the Year” award from the EnerQuality Corporation, which is Canada’s number one certifier of energy efficient homes. RND prides themselves on their integrated design process, which has a heavy focus on involving its customers in the planning process from day one and ensuring they build efficiently and keep things environmentally sound. For more information or to see more of RND’s work, check out their website and their Facebook.

Roca Homes

roca homes ottawa custom build
Roca Homes

If you are looking for a custom builder team that has a strong focus on collaboration and relationship building, Roca Homes may be the company for you. The team at Roca Homes takes pride in their passion and work ethic and it shows. As the winner of the 2014 Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association “Custom Home Builder” award, Roca Homes is well-recognized within the industry.

“The ultimate goal for everyone involved in the process — architect, builder and homeowner — is to build something spectacular, something creative, something of unparalleled quality and lasting beauty,” explains Roberto Campagna, president of Roca Homes, in a statement on the company’s website. With a focus on modern design and open-concept living space, Roca Homes look to build creative and inspiring custom homes for their clients. If you want to see a full list of awards won by Roca Homes and a gallery of past projects, check out their website.

Building a home is a multi-faceted project that can quickly go wrong if you hire the wrong team. Look for a company that shares a similar design style and has a reputable brand across Canada — such as their affiliation with the Greater Ottawa Home Builder’s Association. Much like each home, each person has its list of must-haves. If your must-haves included a kitchen with granite countertops, you wouldn’t choose a home without — and the same goes for hiring a custom builder. After sharing the top three custom home builders in Ottawa, we hope to create some idea of what you’re looking for in a builder to ensure you hire the right team for you. Good luck!

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