While Zolo relies on the expertise of in-house market specialists, we also work with independent contributors.

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Zolo.ca/news contributor guidelines

Are you a passionate, talented writer or expert in real estate, personal finance or homeowner issues who wants to share your or advice? Become a contributor and help other homeowners, renters, sellers and investors make smart, well-educated property decisions.

We believe in the power of sharing — sharing knowledge, data, passion and experience. If you do, as well, then write for us!

Zolo.ca/news purpose

Our tone is friendly and conversational. We try to be optimistic and open-minded and keep our commentary professional. Consider us the friend who approach real estate topics as fans, not critics.

Topics to pitch to Zolo

While we like all things housing related, topics we really love include:

  • home buying
  • home selling
  • home renovations
  • decor & design
  • DIY
  • market trends
  • stories based on statistics
  • investing / personal finance
  • First-person “How I Did It” (example: How I saved and bought my first home, How I became a real estate investor, etc.)
  • Mortgage stories and news
  • Industry and market news

How to pitch to Zolo

Before you pitch, please take the time to read articles posted on the site. Not only will this give you an idea of the categories we cover and the topics we are interested in but it will also help you become familiarized with the topics and ideas we’ve already covered. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid pitching similar topics or even the same idea, just make sure it has a new angle. (You can also review our About Us page.)

We attempt to review pitches on a regular basis and will always try to respond to every pitch, but please understand there may be a delay between pitching and hearing from us. Please do NOT phone to follow-up on a pitch or inquiry. Also, please limit your pitches to three (maximum) per email. If you have not heard from us within a month of having pitched, feel free to submit your query to other publications.

Finally, please appreciate that we sometimes work on long lead time — sometimes as long as six months. To help alleviate disappointment and missed opportunities, please inform us of timely stories and events with plenty of advance notice.

Editors have the final say as to where and when any commissioned work will be published.

Fees, where applicable, are determined prior to publication. This can include cash payment or in-kind payment that is predetermined and agreed upon between the writer and editor.

All writers will be given a by-line along with a bio. Bio’s do not include outbound links but can mention other affiliations. Writers need to submit a headshot and a two to three line bio when their article is accepted for submission.

All queries for online stories can be directed to Romana King (romana.king[at]zolo.ca).

All story ideas should be submitted by email. That email should contain the following:

  • No more than a one-page query letter outlining the story idea, including its angle, direction, elements and length (and sources, where applicable)
  • All of your contact information, including phone number and email address
  • A list of where the writer has been previously published, including examples of the published work

Contributors need to inform us whether or not your submission has been previously published or is scheduled to be published in another publication.

Contributors must also inform us about any accommodation you may have been provided (freebies, link inclusions, etc.)

Finally, please appreciate that when submitting story ideas we may have already assigned a similar story. If this happens, we will let you know as soon as possible.