The Foul Bachelor Frog Bachelor Pad: a DIY Guide

Every bachelor frog needs his bachelor pad. Want all the perks of that high-end bachelor life, but can’t manage a budget higher than a roll of duct tape?  Want to improve your sense of style, but not in a way that will clash with your 15 taxidermied squirrels that you shot yourself?  Then these solutions will help you achieve that dirty, smelly, beer-stained good life.

Entertainment Center

The bachelor pad is all about having a good time, so there’s probably a significant portion of time that you are either entertaining the buds or ladies(maybe?).  Here are some ways to impress them without having to, you know, put in any actual effort.

Some guys have wine cellars, but you? You’re a far more economic type, you debonair, responsible stud.  Way to be.

Wine Cellar, Beer Fridge

Foul Bachelor Frog Wine Cellar

There may be one game, but there are a thousand ways to tailgate.  Why not make laundry day a day to celebrate?

Redneck Tailgate

It goes without saying that the pad is NOTHING without the flat screen.

Redneck Flatscreen

Foul Bachelor Frog Flat Screen

Gym Equipment

Hey, a redneck has to keep looking his best. Why use the phrase “pump some iron” when “pumping some buckets filled with cement like a construction worker gone rogue” sounds just as bad-ass?

Redneck Gym Equipment

The Business Room

We all know what room we’re really talking about.

Those fancy showerheads that simulate rain seem pretty pointless when you can design to your own tastes, and have that rain taste subtly like your alcoholic beverage of choice.

Redneck Beer Shower

There’s that overused saying about “a man’s throne”.  This guy is the only one who has ever meant it.

Redneck Throne

But if you’re the one willing to splurge a little bit, there’s the luxury model (if the first one wasn’t enough luxury for you) If this is what Bed, Bath, and Beyond sold stuff like this, maybe I’d actually want to go in when my girlfriend asks.

Redneck Sofa Toilet

Foul Bachelor Frog Sofa Toilet

On the chance that you consider your throne something else, well, there’s ways to make that happen too.  There’s little that can separate a man from his grill, and now there’s even one less thing.

Redneck Toilet Grill


For your décor, add a little of yourself into the mix. Don’t be afraid to subtly integrate your hobbies.

Redneck Mailbox

Creative use of crates instantly makes an ordinary lightbulb into a beautiful disco hall of inspiration and wonder.  And they look kinda like legos.

Redneck Lamp

Or for a classier option, this chandelier says, “I enjoy a low-cost booze cruise as much as the next gun-toting American, but if you haven’t noticed, I’m also a gentleman”.

Redneck Chandelier

Foul Bachelor Frog Beer Chandelier

Hopefully these examples give you some inspiration for your own disgusting cellar of debauchery. Because hey, living the good life ain’t easy.

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